Door Repairs & Installations

Door Repairs & Installations: An Odd Job Specialty

The importance of doors cannot be understated. It is the beginning of your home, and the gateway to it. It is the closest thing to a first impression that your home has to offer. A door that isn’t installed properly is the kind of thing that can completely  ruin the flow of your home, as well as its real estate value. A beautiful door, on the other hand, will have precisely the opposite effect.

double door repairsOdd Job is among the city’s finest contractors in this area of work.

From its beginnings in 2008 to the present day, the repair and installation of interior and exterior doors has been something of a company specialty.

Our professionals – licensed, insured, bonded and affordable – have had so much experience with doors of all shapes and sizes that there should be no doubt as to their competency to take on your door installation project!

Watch your home’s value rise as our experts go to work. They are specialists in the installation and repair of storm doors, sliding glass doors, french doors, bypass doors and virtually all others. When you call us or book our team online, you can rest assured that your door projects and all other items on your to-do list are in perfect hands!

Door Repairs

fire door repairsEven the most magnificent door is going to wear out. It is used multiple times every day, and all the while it is subjected to the elements. It’s rather difficult to age gracefully under such conditions, and so door repairs are simply a part of the homeowner lifestyle.

Is your doorknob broken? Or is it creaking whenever you open it all the way? Is part of it dragging against the floor?  Sometimes the issue is obvious – an unsightly scratch or a hole like the one seen above and to the left. Many people really just want their old door to look new again, and Odd Job can help with that. We are very proud to specialize in door repairs.

Door Installation

new door installationEveryone knows that the first impression makes all the difference, and that the front of your home resembles your personality. All houses are different inside and out, but only some have that eye-catching feature to make people look at it and say “Wow!”

When you want finally want to claim that “Wow!” effect for your home, Odd Job Handyman Services should get the call. Whether you want to transform your door or replace it entirely, we’ll do it for you with efficiency and the highest standards of quality.

Making homeowners like yourself happy is the reason we get up in the morning, and seeing the real estate value of your home skyrocket is enough to put anyone  in a good mood!

Specialty Doors

pocket door 1The team at Odd Job has had considerable experience repairing and installing every type of door you can imagine – this includes the specialty doors.

If you didn’t call us because you figured we wouldn’t be able to do your door, then figure again. We’ve probably done it more than a few times. Whether you’d like a glass pocket door, an accordion door or any other, rest assured that the team at Odd Job will come through.

Cat DoorDo you have cats or dogs?  Then a pet door would be an excellent addition to your home – your pets would certainly agree. Imagine if they could slip in and out without having to ask you every time?

Whether you’d like pet doors, pocket doors or anything else, Odd Job offers the best services in the city for door repairs and installations. Friendly and efficient service, unmatched quality, and competitively low rates are just a single phone call away.

So: you ready to make your home more valuable, more beautiful, and most importantly, more enjoyable? If so feel free to call us or use our online “book-a-handyman” form to arrange a visit by our team. We can help you with any door repairs, door installation or any other project!

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