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Professional Wall Shelving Services

By February 10, 2015No Comments

Wall Shelving - Repairs & Installation

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Straight and level shelves are more than just beautiful design elements — they’re functional too! It doesn’t matter if they are in a closet, an office or a garage. Wherever they’re installed, they’re the unsung heroes that keep our lives organized, and as much a compliment to our space as all else in it.

Tired of fly-by-night ‘contractors’ who install uneven wall shelving that ends up doing more harm to your wall than anything else?

If you don’t feel you can install wall shelves as easily as the people in ‘do-it-yourself’ videos and you’re tired of fly-by-night ‘contractors’ whose improper installations harm your wall more than they add to it, give Odd Job a call!

Our team of fully licensed, bonded and insured professionals will install your shelves the right way — level and sturdy. We guarantee that our shelves will not pull or sag.

No matter the type of wall shelving and no matter the type of wall, we guarantee your shelf will be exactly where you want it and level. Have a specific design or pattern in mind? No problem, we like a challenge. Fill out our online “book-a-handyman” form and our team of professionals will make it happen.

With over a decade of experience serving condos, homeowners, and all sizes of businesses throughout the GTA, we’ll take care of your concerns with a smile.

Odd Job Handyman Services Inc. 46 Noble St #107, Toronto, ON M6K 2C9 Tel: (416) 520‑1161