The Psychology of Colour: What Your Walls Say About You

The Psychology of Colour: What Your Walls Say About You

the psychology of colour

Are you planning on repainting the walls of your home or business? Know the psychology of colour. Choosing a specific paint colour actually says a significant amount about you and the environment you desire to create.

According to Leslie Harrington, a colour consultant and noted expert on the use of colour in industrial and residential décor: “Colour is a universal, nonverbal language, and we all intuitively know how to speak it. What colour you paint your walls isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. It’s a tool that can be leveraged to affect emotions and behavior.

Gravitating towards specific tones and shades can actually say a lot about your personality. It can also help you put your summer guests in the right mood to enjoy their time gathering in your home.

Here are a few things that the colour of your home can say about you:

Soft, Warm Shades

fiery red room

What of those who prefer the fiery hues? These shades are most often associated with sunshine and roaring fires, especially during the summer months.

Choosing yellow, orange, peaches, or varying tones of pink can signal a cheerful, welcoming personality. These colours produce warm, fuzzy feelings because they actually serve to make your walls ‘spring forward’ and make the room feel much more intimate and inviting.

Soft, Cool Hues


According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute: “Most reactions to colour come about because of what’s around us in nature.”

Homeowners that associate more closely with pale blues, lavenders, or greens have a subconscious connection to tranquil environments. These shades also have a softer impact on the eyes compared to more intense, bright colours.

Jewel Tones


What does the psychology of colour say about those especially brilliant tones, such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and topaz, among others?

Gravitating towards these colours can signify your outgoing, confident, and creative personality. Because of their brilliant concentration of colour, these tones are perfect for masking small décor flaws. For example, a room devoid of any architectural significance can instantly draw more interest if painted with your choice of jewel tones. They make imposing spaces feel more intimate and emphasize the coziness of small nooks.



Neutrals can purvey a powerful sense of permanence. They are perfect for giving your home a classic feel. Most interior design experts liken neutrals in the home to great monuments, marble, or the splendor of an imposing granite boulder.

Being drawn to neutrals typically signals an even-keeled, practical personality, and it’s also perfect for homeowners that aren’t particularly keen on repainting every few years. If you’re specifically interested in using furniture and other accessories to display colour, neutrals are the perfect backdrops.

The psychology of colour is a powerful tool. At Odd Job, we’d like to help you repaint your home or business to create the atmosphere you desire. Call (416) 520-1161 or book our team online.

Why You Should Hire a Facilities Management Company

Why You Should Hire a Facilities Management Company

facilities managementWhat is a facilities management company?

Taking care of a commercial facility is not easy. Every retail or office space comes with its’ own unique management challenges, and smoothly overcoming all these complicated issues can be difficult on your own.

This is where facilities management companies like Odd Job come in. Those repair and maintenance issues that constantly slow business? That’s what we do. If you’re struggling to manage your space as it needs to be managed, here are a few reasons you should consider enlisting assistance:

Corporate Clients

An ongoing relationship with a licensed maintenance specialist can be extremely beneficial to corporations. Maintaining a commercial facility requires a large amount of time and internal expertise, and we are

Even medium-sized corporations rarely have the time or internal expertise to handle all their own facilities management issues. Whether your corporation needs new displays and shelving installed, the floors refinished, walls repaired and painted, art, bulletin boards, and TV monitors hung safely and securely, new walls framed to divide space, plumbing issues repaired, employee washrooms renovated, or anything else you might think of, Odd Job can handle all your small maintenance and repair needs.

Real Estate Agents

Our facilities management services also extend to realtors in the Greater Toronto Area. Are you a realtor preparing to show a property to your prospective buyers? We’ll take care of those last-minute repairs and upgrades so that you can be ready for an open house. Even the smallest improvements can make the difference that closes the deal.

Odd Job can also help with those last-minute repairs that are necessary to help you move a home as fast as possible. Our services include replacing or repairing tiles and grout, repairing drywall and repainting walls, updating fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms, fixing electrical outlets and lights, refinishing decks or patios, and much more.

Handyman Rates

Our rates depend on the length and scope of your project. Our junior technicians work primarily on minor repairs and maintenance tasks at $80 hourly.

Our more experienced staffers make $100 hourly for larger, more complicated projects. Rates for a crew of two handymen start at $130 per hour for general repairs and redecorating requests. Check out the full breakdown of our rates.

The Odd Job Guarantee

We realize that your home or business is probably one of your most valued assets. This is why all new installations completed by Odd Job are covered by a two-year, hassle-free guarantee. Should something go wrong, we are promising to return and repair it at no additional charge. We’d like you to be as confident in our work as we are.

All our repair and maintenance technicians are fully licensed by the city, fully insured (CGL & WSIB), and bonded for theft and damages. Give us a call at 416-520-1161 or book our amazing team online

Things That Go Beep in the Night: Is Your Smoke Detector Driving You Crazy?

Things That Go Beep in the Night: Is Your Smoke Detector Driving You Crazy?

We’ve all been there: it’s around 3 or 4 AM, and the piercing sound of your smoke detector rudely jolts you from a deep sleep. You’re relieved to find that your home is in no danger, but good luck reclaiming your hard-won shuteye! Thoughts such as “Why was it beeping?” and “Will it go off again?” haunt you, and the possibility that you’re going to get enough rest before work becomes thinner and thinner.

This has become a rampant problem for many city fire departments. According to the government of Surrey, for example: “During the past 5 years the Surrey Fire Service has responded to over 8500 activations of commercial fire alarm systems. Less than 1% were actual fires.” 

So what is causing this problem? And what’s the fix? There are several different possibilities, and sometimes the solution isn’t as easy as it should be – at least not for the layperson.

Keeping Your Alarm Healthy

smoke detector

Blast the compressed air into the openings around the alarm to directly attack the dust inside the smoke chamber.

One of the most common causes of false alarms in photoelectric smoke detectors is dust, particularly in recently-built homes. As particles build up inside the alarm’s outside cover or sensory chamber, they reflect light (much like smoke particles do) and create the impression that there is a fire.

Insects can find their way inside the sensor chamber as well, clogging it and creating similar problems. To stop the shriek of your smoke alarm immediately, press the “hush” or “silence” button. If it is connected to a home alarm system, simply type the ‘disarm’ code into the keypad.

The key to preventing this from happening is to regularly clean the smoke detector. The easiest and most effective ways of doing this is to use a compressed air duster, available at most major electronics retailers. You’ll notice that the can is sold with a short tube that can be equipped onto the nozzle. Be sure to do this, as it will make the ejections of canned air much more focused. Several blasts from different directions inside the openings visible around the detector should be sufficient to clean out the inside. Another efficient method is to clean the inside of the alarm is to gently vacuum the inside using the soft-brush attachment.

Even if you clean your smoke detector regularly, there is nothing that fills it with dust and other particles of debris faster than construction, redecoration and renovation projects. Before having construction work of any kind done in your home, have an electrician install a dust cover. This will capture the excess of dust and other debris – just make sure to remove it after the work is done!

If you are hearing routine ‘chirps’ (often occurring in one minute intervals) rather than actual false alarms then the issue could very likely be that the batteries are running out of juice, and while they are usually easily accessible from the front or side of the unit, some manufacturers place them in the back. This forces the homeowner to remove it from the wall or base plate – a difficult and potentially dangerous task for some. If you do not feel confident that you can execute this safely, you should consult an electrician.

There is another cause of the ever-irritating ‘chirp’ and it is wiring problems. A single loose wire is all it takes and the infernal noise will continue until the problem is rectified or you take a baseball bat to the alarm. It can also cause false alarms and even compromise your safety by causing your unit to sporadically turn on and off. Not only are you being subjected to the highly irritating shrieks of your smoke alarm when your house is not in danger, but there’s now a distinct possibility that you won’t hear that sound when you need to. The solution to this is a visit by a qualified electrician.

Household Problems

Fortunately, the cause of the false alarms may well be external to the smoke detector itself, and the problem may be relatively easy to solve. There are many relatively normal household events that can deceive your unit into detecting trouble, and simply moving the alarm to a place where those events are unlikely to happen will usually be sufficient.

Your smoke detectors should ideally be placed at least twenty feet from furnaces, ovens and other such appliances. These produce combustion particles, which will cause a false alarm. More importantly, excessive exposure to these will leave residue inside the smoke detector and eventually destroy it.

Another common cause of false alarms in the household is water vapor and steam. While both of these don’t pose as much of a threat to the health of your unit itself as combustion particles, exposure to a large amount of water vapor for an extended period of time can damage some of its most important components. Your smoke detectors should be at least ten feet from bathrooms, laundry rooms and other high humidity areas. They should also be as far away from fuel-burning sources such as fluorescent lights and heat and air conditioning vents as possible.

Need a Hand?

If you’re experiencing issues with your smoke detector and the solution isn’t apparent, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to arrange a visit by a qualified electrician. That might also be the proper course of action if you have a solution that you aren’t confident you can execute safely and/or properly. Many electricians, however, have bigger fish to fry. Odd Job Handyman Services knows that your small projects are big deals, and if you would like one of our electricians to take a look at your smoke alarm system, just give us a call at (416) 520-1161 or use our online “book-a-handyman” form to arrange such a visit in minutes. Book our team before your unit starts reacting to the smoke coming out of your ears!

Four Ways to Add Value to your Home

Four Ways to Add Value to your Home

add value to your home

Many homeowners have grand visions for renovations that will improve their home’s attractiveness when it eventually goes back on the market. Even if you plan on staying in your home for the foreseeable future, there is relatively minimal downside to investing in value-adding home renovations.

Small upgrades, such as the addition of extra space, can significantly increase the total value of your home. Of course, your home will have its’ own specific areas of need, and you should be careful to invest in projects that will ultimately improve the overall flow and décor of your home. If you’re lacking the creative juices to pinpoint specific renovations you’d like to tackle, here are four ideas that can add value to your home:

Outdoor Projects







Because your home’s exterior will be the first thing observed by visitors and potential buyers alike, investing in replacing several outdoor facets of your home can be highly lucrative. These types of replacement projects, such as installing a new garage door, siding, front door, or windows, also tend to be less expensive than most indoor remodels. When considering the bottom line, outdoor replacement projects typically bring a highly impressive ROI of nearly 72 percent.

Kitchen Remodel

kitchen repairs






The kitchen is obviously one of the most used areas of the home, and potential buyers are sure to spend considerable time inspecting the quality of your kitchen when exploring whether or not to purchase your home. When remodeling your kitchen, it’s important not to go too far overboard. Your kitchen should remain synchronous with the rest of your home, which means changing the style in relation to your home’s existing décor can actually detract potential buyers. That being said, most homeowners that invest in a kitchen remodel see at least a 60 percent return on their investment.

Create an Attic Bedroom

If your home’s relatively large attic has room to stand up fully and walk around comfortably, you might consider renovating this area to be used for more than simply storing extras that don’t have a place elsewhere in your home. Especially in a large home that you might sell to a growing family, a creative attic bedroom can become a very important selling point. These projects also, on average, return at 77-84% of the homeowner’s initial investment.

Add Insulation








One of the ways to add value to your home is energy efficiency. More and more, interested buyers are demanding information pertaining to a prospective home’s monthly, and yearly, energy use. Energy-efficient homes today are selling for much more than their inefficient counterparts.

Insulation can be added around doors and windows, in the basement, surrounding electrical sockets and light switches, in recessed lighting, anywhere ducts or wires run to your home’s exterior, and around your attic hatch. Fortunately, adding insulation is as inexpensive as it is effective. In fact, doing so can help you reduce the costs of heating and cooling your home by as much as 25%.

Making Concerted Home Improvements

While every home will have its’ own variety of improvement needs, there are no shortage of creative, inexpensive ways to add long-term value to your home. Tackling outdoor replacement projects, remodeling your kitchen, creating a functional bedroom in the attic, and adding insulation are just a few examples.

Essential Party Hacks for the Time-Strapped Host

Essential Party Hacks for the Time-Strapped Host

essential party hacks

Planning a summer fiesta can be time-consuming and stressful. If you don’t have a good team of helpers on your side, handling all the party details on your own can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a number of easy party hacks to help you pull it off without a hitch.

Cookin’ Corn for a Crowd

While corn-on-the-cob is relatively easy to prepare for a small dinner party, properly prepping and cooking a boatload of corn for a summer party can be a much taller task. If you’re trying to cook a few dozen ears, you might try making your own “cooler corn.” If you’re using all your large pots for other dishes, but you’ve got an extra cooler lying around, clean it out and prep it for your shucked corn. Then, simply add a few kettles of boiling water and close the lid. All you have to do now is wait. Your corn should be fully cooked in about thirty minutes and will remain at the perfect level of ‘doneness’ for the next couple hours.

Water Balloon Coolers

Keeping drinks cold can be one of the most difficult aspects of hosting a large summer party. Besides buying an absurd amount of ice, and still having to make a last minute trip when you run out, you might try this creative solution for keeping drinks cold at your party. If you have an unused pack of water balloons lying around, these can be repurposed to create drink coolers. Simply take a few minutes the day before your party to fill as many balloons as you need with water and place them in your freezer. When party time rolls around, your balloons will be frozen and ready to keep your most important beverages cold through your entire party.

Plastic Cup Party Lanterns

If you have a bunch of clear plastic cups leftover from a previous party, these can be easily reused to create additional lighting for your upcoming fiesta. You simply need to poke small holes in each cup and insert them over the individual bulbs on a string of white lights. Of course, you may choose to use a colored string of lights to give your outdoors party a more festive environment.

Bucket o’ Screen n’ Spray

If you’re planning on hosting a party that will begin in the early afternoon and last into the evening, you’ll have to be prepared for the beating sun as well as the onslaught of bugs at dusk. Fortunately, you can easily design your own creative solution and essentially kill two birds with one stone. Before your party swings into full force, take some time to gather sunscreen and bug spray and create your own ‘protection buckets.’ Most of your guests are likely to forget these essentials, so having sunscreen and bug spray handy at all times can keep the focus on fun and off your pesky backyard companions.

Wicker Trash Cans

While trash collection might not be your first thought when planning the details of your summer party, it is, nonetheless, an essential facet of your party’s success. Failing to adequately plan for party trash will only make your cleanup efforts more difficult the following day. While you might be familiar with using smaller wicker baskets for napkins and silverware, the larger baskets can essentially serve as ‘party trash cans.’

Like the other party hacks featured here, this is convenient, disposable and much cheaper than the traditional options. Because they are wide, and very open, they make an easy target for your party guests, even after they’ve had a few strong, adult beverages.

Stay Calm and Party On

Although planning all the details of a summer party can be hectic, a little forethought can help you relax and enjoy yourself when the visitors arrive. If you’re looking for more useful party hacks to help you pull off your summer fiesta, please visit this link.

If you’re reading this a little too late and your party got a bit out of hand, remember: most contractors won’t be interested in the fallout. The broken windows and the stained porches? Not worth their time. Don’t fret: at Odd Job we tackle projects of all sizes. See what your neighbours are saying and book our team!