Fixing a Sliding Door With Odd Job

Fixing a Sliding Door With Odd Job

fixing a sliding doorOdd Job Handyman Services was founded in 2008, and since its birth it has developed an impeccable reputation among its rapidly-growing family of commercial and residential clients. They know precisely who to call when their to-do list grows too large, because the simple fact is that there isn’t a single handyman service in Toronto that performs small repairs, upgrades and redecorations like Odd Job. 

Among our team’s many areas of expertise, however, there are some company specialties – and one of them is door repairs. Today, we’re going to demonstrate that by showing our readers that fixing a sliding door isn’t as hard as you might think!

Defeating Frustration

Sliding doors.. they’re beautiful, they’re cool and they have a number of great functionsThere are indeed a lot of reasons to love them, but anyone who lives in a space with sliding doors can tell you that there is a reason to hate them too. 

It’s very easy for your sliding door to become sticky and difficult to move, and even easier for the door itself to go off-track. In either scenario, you feel as if you no longer have a door – instead, you have a large sheet of glass that you’ll always need to lift and push out of your way. Fixing a sliding door, therefore, should be very high on your to-do list.

Greasing the Skids

Icky Screen DoorIf you’ve never cleaned the door tracks, then the situation you are in was an inevitable one, and fortunately, the solution may well be quite simple. The first step to fixing a sliding door is to clean it. You’ll likely find an abundance of dirt and grime caked in the track. Attack it with a very stiff brush, soap and water, and for extra power, use a cleaning agent – we recommend Mr. Clean’s Liquid Muscle. Continue the onslaught of solvents and elbow grease until your tracks look like they were just installed!

Still not working?  Don’t fret. This wouldn’t have been much of an article if our best advice was: “Clean the track.”  Fixing a sliding door isn’t always that easy.

Sliding Door RepairTake a look at the bottom of the door and you’ll find two screws. These are used to adjust the rollers, which control the position of the door. Does it look like one side of the door is lower than the other? If so, you have discovered the problem. Raise the lower side until the door appears even on the track. 

If the problems persist, turn all of the screws a quarter turn. This will raise the door completely off the ground, and at that point all you need to do is slide it so that it is almost closed. Is the gap between the door and the door jamb even?  Congratulations!

If the door still  won’t slide the way it’s supposed to, you still shouldn’t fret. With the door sitting evenly on a clean track, you’ve laid the groundwork for a door that slides as its manufacturer intended!

Rock and Roll

Door Roller

Fixing a sliding door is by no means simple, because there are any number of things that could be going on. Having exhausted the more mundane possibilities, it’s time to remove the door completely and take a good look at the rollers themselves.

removing the doorRemoving the door itself is rather difficult. For one thing, the door itself is very heavy. For another, you first need to remove the molding itself – screw by screw. Cutting the paint or varnish line on the interior side of the moulding will make it much easier to remove. 

screen-door-on-sawhorsesOnce it is successfully loose and in your hands, grip the door by both edges and gently tip it toward you – roughly a foot into the room. Lift the door out of the track one edge at a time and then carefully set it on sawhorses. It’s time to turn your attention back to the track, because you now have direct access to the rollers.

Remove the screws holding the rollers in place and then carefully remove them from the track. Is their condition similar to that of the door track before you washed it? If so, then this may in fact be the issue. If the damage appears a little more permanent that, then remove it and replace it.

You’ll be able to find new rollers for your door at major home retailers and lumberyards. The old rollers themselves will bear the name of their manufacturer, so finding the right replacements shouldn’t be too difficult. Enjoy watching your sliding door actually slide again!

Too Hard?

If fixing a sliding door is starting to sound a little difficult to you, don’t feel bad. You’re right – it’s a huge headache that no one should really have to deal with.

Even if you’re the type who lives by their hands, a project like this is probably going to take you a few hours at the very least. You’re also going to need to lift an unwieldy screen door off its track – which, if we’re going to be very honest, is difficult for most people to do alone. And even after all of that, you’ll have to find the rollers. Fixing a sliding door is a major drag! Of course, you could  do it yourself – but do you have to? 

Well, heck no!  Why not make a call to your friends at Odd Job?

A single phone call and you’ll have secured a booking with a team of bonded, insured, and fully licensed professional handymen with a great attitude who have repaired every type of door you can imagine. Just give us a call at (416) 520-1161 or take a few minutes to fill out our nifty online “book-a-handyman” formschedule your visit today

Furniture Maintenance: Your Headache, Our Passion

Furniture Maintenance Services

Furniture Maintenance Fail

How many times has this happened before? Even if it hasn’t, you get the idea. Furniture maintenance is

ikea video game

Hardest game ever?

It was only a year ago that the game Home Improvisation, which lampoons the issue, was developed for the 2015 Global Game Jam.

In September 2015, actor Ryan Reynolds posted a video to GQ that featured his abortive attempt to build a crib purchased from the furniture store.

In short, assembling Ikea furniture is an enormous headache – and one you don’t want to subject yourself to unless it is absolutely necessary.

Why should you need to decipher

There are many things things that you can do yourself, but don’t have to.Not only will our professional technicians will help you with the problems that you can’t solve, they’ll also take the tedious, exhaustive and time-consuming chores like this right out of your hands.

Read on and see for yourself why Odd Job Handyman Services is your private army in the war to reclaim your peace of mind from multinational furniture cartels!

Furniture Assembly

Odd Job - Furniture Assembly Services

Odd Job is proud to be the only full service handyman company in Toronto that offers furniture assembly and maintenance services. Can’t understand manuals without words? You aren’t alone. Lost the instructions a couple of days ago? It happens. 

All you need to do is make a single phone call and one of the best fully licensed, bonded, and insured home technicians that Toronto has to offer will be en route to your home. For an additional fee, we’ll even source the furniture ourselves. We’re here to take care of you. 

furniture tuneup

Buying new furniture is fun; it’s like buying new clothing, only for your home. It usually ends with your family cruising home triumphantly, anticipating the appearance of the new furniture.

That is, of course, unless they’ve been around this block before. If they have and they know what often follows, then the ride back is marked by anticipation of arguments, despair and occasionally a few conversations about separation or divorce. 

Now imagine if every time you went through this, you could skip over the bad vibes and right to the part where the furniture is all assembled properly, looking amazing and every piece is exactly where you’d like to see it. Book our team and you can consider that dream a reality.

Furniture Maintenance

retightening screws

There’s something even more frightening than the prospect of assembling a new set of Ikea furniture, and that’s watching it fall apart. Thought the assembly itself was frustrating? Imagine watching all of that stress and rage go to waste because the screws weren’t in tight enough. 

You might laugh, you might cry and you might develop homicidal tendencies. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want this to happen. 

The solution is semi-regular maintenance – re-tightening or replacing the hardware, and even completely reassembling the unit(s) for better performance.

You might say that you shouldn’t have to do this, and we’d agree. The simple fact, however, is that you do – even Ikea admits it: “The product will keep longer by retightening the screws from time to time.”

That’s why Odd Job is rolling out another new service: furniture maintenanceGive us a call or book online and our team will:

  • Re-tighten the screws and fixtures of every unit, making them function better and longer.
  • Replace and even upgrade the hardware if necessary.
  • Sanding down the older pieces and then repainting or resurfacing them to restore their former beauty.

Why do we do it?

Assembling and maintaining furniture are very small projects, and it isn’t often that they take more than an hour.

Unlike other companies who are happy to charge you for three or even four hours of work when they were in and out in little more than twenty minutes, we are proud of our one-hour minimum fee and plan to stand by it. 

What’s in it for us, then, to offer these services? The answer is simple: there is widespread demand. You are more than “billable hours” to the Odd Job team, and you still matter to us after you’ve paid.

Odd Job was born in Toronto in 2008, and since then we have been local to the core. We service locally and we hire locally.We hang art, assemble furniture and take care of other headaches because they’re just that – headaches.

We are friends and neighbours helping friends and neighbours – we just haven’t met all of you yet. You’re very welcome to change that!

Frugal Homeowner’s Guide to the Universe

Frugal Homeowner’s Guide to the Universe
Frugal Homeowner Life

Home life isn’t cheap – especially not in Toronto. The city has witnessed an increase of 13.5%“nearly $100,000” – in the average price of a single-family home. And when you consider bills, living expenses, property taxes and, of course, repairs and upgrades, we appear to be in dangerous territory.

We can’t all be billionaires, and sometimes it seems like the world was made with only them in mind. But don’t worry – you can save in style, and we’re going to show you how. This is one for the frugal homeowner.

Laminate vs. Hardwood

Flooring 1Flooring 2

Can you tell the difference? If you found it difficult – and believe us, many people do – then you should consider installing high-quality laminate flooring instead of hardwood. Installing flooring can be one of the most expensive projects you’ll be faced with, and so a frugal homeowner should keep the alternatives on their radar.

Flooring 3Laminate is becoming increasingly popular who like the appearance of hardwood flooring but don’t want to lay out around twice the price for little more than authenticity.

The material for hardwood floors comes from trees, and you’re paying a lot for the harvesting process – even more, depending on how exotic the trees happened to be. The material used for laminate flooring is much cheaper, and on average, installing laminate floors is no less than 50% cheaper than installing hardwood

Laminate floors are made from pressed wood, which is far more durable. Unlike hardwood, it is far more resistant to scratching and water damage, and it’s also far less susceptible to wear – even in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic.

The materials, the installation process and the maintenance, in other words, are all considerably cheaper – and on top of that, it looks just as glossy and beautiful. For the frugal homeowner, having ‘real’ wood is a very small price to pay.

Wood vs. Steel

Wood DoorFiberglass Door 1

Last week, we invited our readers to pick a door after taking a look at four of the most popular door types and what each of them had to offer. This article will naturally focus on the economics of buying and installing an entry door.

If you’re a frugal homeowner, you’ll want to avoid wood doors. This is another instance in which wood came face to face with its more affordable imitators and lost. Do they look great? Absolutely – they feel great too. But beyond that, there’s really no practical reason for someone to buy and install a wood door instead of a steel door or a fiberglass door. 

The materials are more expensive and so is the installation. Furthermore, wood doors are considerably less secure and more susceptible to the elements. Because of the latter, they usually require frequent maintenance throughout the year.

Steel Door Turns to WoodSteel doors, meanwhile, are the least expensive type of door on the market – both to purchase and to install. This is despite the fact that they offer more security than either wood or fiberglass doors. Both steel and fiberglass doors are much more energy efficient and require a lot less maintenance.

And with a little paint, you’ll be able to make your bland steel door shine with your favourite colour. You’ll even be able to make it virtually indistinguishable from a wood panel door. Look to the right!


Subway Tiles

When you look at this bathroom, do you think ‘cheap’? Me neither. The tiling isn’t just beautiful, it’s classic. It’s also $3 per square foot. Yes, the beloved subway tile is one of the cheapest tiles on the market. When it comes to tiling, the frugal homeowner can make some major steals.

Glass-backsplash-8We can’t tell you how many backsplashes we’ve installed this year, and the requests keep coming. And although 2015 is “the year of the tile” to some, many think that their dream backsplash just simply isn’t within their means.

Think again!  Take a look to the beauty on your right. It’s a backsplash composed of glass mosaic tiles, which are on average no more than $11.99 per square foot. One product, for example, is the White Glass Mosaic Subway Wall Tileavailable at a Lowes near you for $6.99 per square foot! 

Ceramic mosaics are virtually indistinguishable from the natural stones that they imitate. In fact, the only difference that I was able to spot was the price. Take, for instance, this ceramic mosaic tile – available at Home Depot for $3.95!

Stay Frugal


Whether we’re talking about flooring, tiling or anything else, there’s always a less expensive option that will provide a roughly equivalent and sometimes even better return. In other words, there’s no shortage of materials available to the frugal homeowner.

But who installs the flooring? Who installs the tiling? Who installs the doors? As important as it is to save, sometimes we can’t do it all ourselves – or we just don’t have the time, the tools and the relevant talents. In that case, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call (416) 520-1161.

Why? Because since our founding in 2008, Odd Job become the handyman service of choice for every frugal homeowner in Toronto. How? Well, let’s see: 

  • We are leading the industry with our one-hour minimum fee, whereas the standard is generally three hours. We view our clients as neighbours, and beyond that, as friends. We simply refuse to apply a three-hour fee for fifteen minutes of work, no matter what everyone else is doing.
  • We offer free online estimates – these are not quotes, and therefore we will never charge you a dime for them. We want to give you a roughly accurate idea of your project’s scope, size and budget before you place it in our hands – a service that should be free.
  • We offer a ninety-day warranty on all general repairs and a one-year warranty on all new installations.

And that’s only the beginning. If you really want to know why we’ve come to be known as Toronto’s top handyman company – and the frugal homeowner’s choice – then give us a call at (416) 520-1161 or book a visit today.

Avoiding the Painting Goofs

Avoiding the Painting Goofs

painting goofs

Almost everyone has tried painting their walls, or perhaps their fence. Many of us didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. Many of us don’t realize that it isn’t as simple as it looks in The Karate Kid.

There are pitfalls – common ones – and the purpose of this article is to help you avoid committing what we have termed painting goofs.

Goof #1: The Wrong Coat of Paint

wrong paint

This, friends, is a painting goof.

There’s an old phrase: “Garbage in, garbage out.” Traditionally, this old truism applies to the input of incorrect information into a computer.

What do you think happens when you bring the wrong materials to a project?  That’s why one of the worst painting goofs – and the first we’ll look at – is choosing the wrong paint.

Every amateur has done it or can reasonably expect to at some point. As it turns out, selecting the right paint for your project involves a lot more than your favourite colour. Many factors come into play – for the purposes of this article, we’ll take a look at two of them.

deep tint - prime for deep coloursDid you intend a darker colour for that wall? Don’t just splash on the black. It’s not going to look right. You need to warm up your walls with a tinted primer – we recommend gray, which will serve you quite well under most darker coats.

Cover all your bases and check with the folks at the paint store, though – tell them your project and they’ll know exactly what product you should use.

Glossy Green Wall

Are you painting over a wall that has seen years of food stains, scratches and even remnants of graffiti left by the little ones?

Do not use a high sheen. Many amateurs make the mistake of thinking that they can hide the rough history of their walls in a sea of gloss. It’s actually the exact opposite.

See the beautifully glossy sheen on the wall to the right? Would you want it shining like that if it was covered in scratches and stains?

The moment natural light touches your ‘gloss-washed’ walls, the ramifications of your painting goof will become all too clear – just like every scratch, scuff and stain. A high sheen will highlight your wall’s blemishes. Save the gloss for walls that should shine! 

To fully explore all of the ways you could choose the wrong paint would require several articles. In summary, the amateur painting technician is walking into a minefield of painting goofs.

If you aren’t fully confident in your talents you might want to call or book your friends at Odd Job. We have a painting services division composed of expert technicians who specialize in painting interiors, and you can trust them to choose the best paint for your project!

Goof #2: Cutting Corners

Cutting Corners with Bart SimpsonOne thing that The Karate Kid can teach us about painting, and it is that patience is key.

There are a number of tedious processes that come before brush meets wall – and those processes themselves all have their own rulebooks.

Whenever you marvel at a beautifully painted surface, know that a lot of time, effort and frustration were sacrificed for it. For a professional painting services technician, cutting corners is anathema – worse, it’s a huge painting goof. 

The number of treacherous shortcuts that tempt the amateur painting technician is another subject for several articles, and many of them present themselves before the brush has even been picked up.

In many cases, that’s precisely the problem. If you want your walls to look like the kind you’ve seen on television, there is absolutely no substitute for washing, patching, caulking and sanding. Even rushing through a task like mixing the paint can result in disaster. There’s no two ways about it: skipping to the fun part is a painting goof and one that will always result in a below par project!

Goof #3: Cleanup Catastrophes

painting mess

Ya dun goofed!

No one likes messes. They’re a major pain – and in many cases not easily reversible. Painting is an inherently messy trade, and everyone knows that accidents happen – most major mess-ups in this area, however, are preceded by colossal painting goofs.

Some of these are fairly basic. Don’t paint from the can. It’s really the painting services equivalent of drinking your orange juice from the jug, and with much worse results. You creating a very real possibility for that can to be knocked over and for the next few hours of your life to be spent trying to clean up a gallon of very expensive paint. Furthermore, your brush will almost always pick up far too much paint when you dip it into that can, and that makes for a much messier project.

Splattered Baseboards

This kind of painting goof scars the amateur for life.

Always protect your baseboards with masking tape. The best painting technician in the world will leave spatters of paint on the baseboards if they aren’t first masked, and an amateur armed only with knowledge from The DIY Network is going to fare far worse. We recommend a strip of 2 inch tape for each baseboard. This should shelter them from the fallout of your project.

Wait for one coat of paint to fully dry before painting another. Applying a new coat over one that is only partially dry will loosen the latter coat and cause some of it to come off onto the brush or roller. The result of this is a big mess and a big painting goof. You don’t need to be an expert to dodge this one, though – just consult the drying instructions on the back of the can and remember: patience!

Never let your roller touch the floor in areas where the baseboard has not been installed. You don’t need to paint that part of the wall – the baseboard will beautify it for you. When your roller is that close to the floor, you are running the risk of picking up dirt, hair and a variety of other things that you don’t want in your finish! 

Goof-free Painting Services

No Goof Painting

This article could have been a lot longer – and I mean a lot longer. There’s no beating around the brush (sorry) – an amateur is no substitute for a professional painting technician. This isn’t to say that you or your neighbour’s friend can’t paint a wall right – it’s to say that the amount of research, preparation and more make it much less fun than it looks.

But that’s where we come in! One of Odd Job’s mottos is: “You can do it yourself, but you don’t have to.” Odd Job exists to make your life easier. Give us a call at (416) 520-1161 or fill out our nifty “book-a-handyman” form and schedule your visit today!

Home Buying Tips from Odd Job

Home Buying Tips From the Folks Who Fix Them

home buying tips

It’s been said many times, and it’s true: buying a home is very likely the most significant financial commitment you will make. Many who have recently accomplished this goal, however, are not happy.

Did you know that no less than 80% of homebuyers regret their purchase? These were the disturbing findings of a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults who were at least 25 years old and possessed a driver’s license. For many of them, this was the first time they had made such a purchase. Why did so many Americans soon regret what must first seemed like a dream come true? 

As home prices in Toronto continue to soar, we’d like to offer home buying tips that will help you make the right purchase the first time.

Homebuyer Homework

Surprisingly, the majoHome Buyer Homeworkrity of the respondents were disillusioned with their purchase because of issues that they should have known about in advance.

Arguably the most important of our home buying tips is to do your homework. This seems like a rather obvious bit of advice, and someone might easily respond: “Where do I start?” For the answers, we’re going to look to the survey’s respondents – the real, everyday people who found themselves in the situation we want to help you avoid.

No less than 25% of the survey’s respondents actually said that “they wished they had researched their new neighborhood or neighbors.” Fully 14% “wished they’d researched the local schools.” More than 20% wished that they had researched the local property taxes, and 22% “wished they’d researched homeowner insurance costs.”

What’s truly amazing about this is that virtually all of their issues could have been avoided fairly easily. Information about property taxes could have been obtained with a five-minute visit to a website like Realtor or from the real estate brokerage responsible for selling the property. Questions regarding homeowner insurance could have been answered by the real estate agents. 

POINT_logoInformation about the neighbourhood is even easier to obtain. People and Organizations in North Toronto (POINT) is a local non-profit group that provides detailed information about the city and its resources, including lists of hospitals and clinics, legal services, schools and much more. They even offer comprehensive maps showing where all of these can be found around the city – such as this one, showing the city’s transit stations and

Every major city – not just ours – has organizations like POINT that are dedicated to providing as much information about the community as possible, and finding them isn’t hard.

Before you finally purchase your home, you and your family should come together and create two lists. The first list will contain what you want your neighbourhood to have. The second will contain what you don’t want it to have. List the items in order of importance, and then hit the books – or the web!

Homebuyer Hype


The next of our home buying tips is simple: don’t believe what you see.

Everyone knows that food never looks as delicious as it does in commercials. It is very carefully prepared – or ‘staged’ – before it is placed before the cameras. The lettuce is greener, the tomatoes are redder and only the camera angles which best illustrate that will be on the air. The same is true for advertising property.


There exists an entire field known as home staging and as the name suggests, it’s all about making a home look as appealing as possible to prospective buyers like you. There were times when all this meant was a little cleaning and moving things around.

In other words, there was once a time when the savvy buyer could get some sense of what the home would look like without the stagecraft.

Nowadays, people will empty out all of their own belongings and then hire a professional staging company to give their home a full-scale makeover. They will invent open spaces where there clearly won’t be any, removing necessary appliances like microwaves and refrigeratorsThey make it look like a different house.

Some of our home buying tips might seem a little obvious. “Don’t believe the hype” isn’t great advice by itself, is it? So let’s look at it this way: when being led through a staged home, you’ll want to visualize your life and your belongings there. Analyze each room and figure out exactly what its purpose would be once you move in.

Start imagining where you would put your coffee maker and where your considerable movie collection will go now, because the beautiful furnishings and artwork the stagers have put there isn’t going to be there – your stuff will.

Don’t bum out, though.. your new house can look like that! There’s no reason you can’t see your favorite photos and artwork hanging on every wall. There’s no reason you can’t have beautiful furniture and beautiful furnishings either.

Odd Job can do all of that, repairing your space and then upgrading it – and unlike the illusory beauties installed by the staging companies, the changes we make to your space are there to stay!

Preparation is Key


Not all of our home buying tips are about avoiding a bad purchase. It’s equally important to be prepared when you find the right one. Imagine you’ve found the ideal home – one that could have come out of your dreams – but you end up losing the bidding war because you don’t have your financing worked out? It happens more than you might think. Ensure that you have a pre-approved mortgage before your house hunt begins. It’s very easy, and you can complete the process online.

Another of the most important home buying tips is to always get a home inspection. Many people think they’re saving a few hundred dollars – and they are, but they’ll be saving thousands if the inspection uncovers maintenance issues that will turn into larger problems if they aren’t addressed. This happens all the time. 

Catch the small issues before they grow and you won’t need some enormous, multi-week operation to repair them. You’ll just need to arrange a visit or two by your friendly neighbourhood handymen!

Stay Savvy, Toronto

Family Enjoying New Home

When you’re looking for a home, someone is also looking to sell you something. When someone is looking to sell you something, you have to keep your wits about you and ask questions. When you’re prepared, you know what you want, and you know what is being offered, you’re in the position to make a big decision – no regrets. Stay tuned!