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Summer Cleaning with the Odd Job Team: Cleaning Your Home

By July 20, 2016No Comments

Summer Cleaning with the Odd Job Team

Why are we talking about summer cleaning? When did that become a thing?


summer cleaning

“Spring cleaning” is a part of the international lexicon.

It’s been entered into prestigious dictionaries, it’s the subject of classes, and voices such as Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey regularly remind us of its importance.

Few think of summer as the season to declutter. Don’t worry about me!

The children are out of school but you aren’t out of work, and if you are, you’d rather be going to Cuba than Lowes.

Why Summer Cleaning?

kidsoverSummer is arguably the best time to regularly clean your home.

It’s the time when your children will be spending much more time there, and when you’ll probably have many visitors around their age.

Without intending to pass judgment, Generation Z isn’t known for being understanding. They’re known for telling good stories, however, and you don’t want the neighbourhood know that you’re house “should have been on Hoarders.

Furthermore, the constant presence of children in your home will naturally lead to some messes you wouldn’t see in spring. Think grass-stained clothes and fallout from backyard parties, among many other things.

You’re going to be tackling issues like these head on, and do you really want to do this with clutter looming in the background? You have more than enough to deal with.

Summer Discount

junk removalOur company motto is: “You can do it yourself, but you don’t have to.”

No matter how you approach it, summer cleaning isn’t the best way to spend your vacation. That’s probably why it’s never become a ‘thing.’ The Odd Job Team would like to change that.

Until September 22, we are offering a special 10% discount on all junk removal requests. Book now and reclaim your space.

Unique Problems

Caulking 1

One inevitable downside to summer is that your shower usage is going to significantly increase. At least some of this use is going to be by your children, more than likely covered in dirt after hours of adventure.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

This presents you with two problems. Firstly, more showers means more bathroom moisture. Unless it’s properly addressed, this creates a perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew.

Ensure that air is flowing into the room and this won’t be an issue. The most effective solution is to install a bathroom exhaust fan and turn it on after each shower.

Secondly, the increased amounts of dirt in your shower stall will be caked into the tiling and completely destroy their beauty. In both cases, the tiling will need to be re-caulked.

Did you know about our four-hour offer? Book four hours of service and we’ll re-caulk your bathtub for free. 

Quality of Space is Quality of Life

junk removal 3

It’s often said that clutter creates stress, and in 2012 a study conducted by U.C.L.A. may have proven this. In July 2012, UCLA Magazine boldly asserted that we live in a “clutter culture.” 

Studying thirty-two Los Angeles families, the researchers made some disturbing conclusions. Writing in the Huffington Post, authors Barbara and Shannon Kelley reported on the psychological effects of our addiction to stuff:

“Cortisol data show a link between unhappy verbal characterizations of arrays of household possessions [chronically messy, cluttered rooms or unfinished remodeling projects] and higher stress level as measured by the hormone cortisol in the MOTHERS in the study,” UCLA professor of anthropology Jeanne Arnold, one of the founding faculty of the CELF project, wrote in an email.

Summer is a time for fun, friends and family, not stress or depression. Call (416) 520‑1161 or book our team online, and take advantage of our special discount.

Summer cleaning isn’t just about maintaining your home.

It’s about maintaining your peace.

With over a decade of experience serving condos, homeowners, and all sizes of businesses throughout the GTA, we’ll take care of your concerns with a smile.

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