Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Handyman Reviews

The home maintenance and services industry has a reputation for shadiness: let Odd Job help you avoid the fakes.

Posting a fake review breaks the trust between a service provider and their client before they’ve even had a chance to get to know one another. Before you let a handyman into your home, you need to know that you can trust them. Fake reviews don’t help.

So, how can you spot a potentially fake review?

1 – Too few details.

Fake reviews tend to be short and overgeneralized, often because they have to be repeated multiple times across different review sites. If the review seems like it could be describing any product or service, you should seek out another testimonial or referral. Real reviews usually include praise and a personal detail that lends authenticity.

2 – The reviewer has no other reviews on that site.

Fake reviews are usually posted by “dummy” accounts that are created for the sole purpose of providing a glowing review. They’ll be brand new and have no other reviews of any other business. These accounts may also be named strangely, like a common name with a series of numbers after them.

The most important thing to keep in mind when reading reviews for a business is to think critically: don’t base your decision to hire on just one good review. Go back and look at the last 10 reviews for a company’s services, and read the good and the bad.

And speaking of bad…

3 – The review mentions a competing company.

Fake reviews aren’t always positive. Competitors sometimes flood a company’s reviews page with negative appraisals in an attempt to take business away from them. They’ll often try to steer potential clients toward themselves.

Don’t be fooled by fly-by-night operators: call the experts at Odd Job, and check out all of the reviews at Homestars.

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5 Things to Know Before You Hire a Handyman

Don’t just go with the lowest bidder! Would you go on a cruise with the cheapest cruiselines? Before you commit to a handyman, make sure the convenience of cheap and fast doesn’t turn into a headache that lasts a lot longer.

Are they Insured?

This is the single most important item on this list. Insurance protects your home and property, and WSIB-insured companies provide liability for the workers themselves. Without insurance, the homeowner is responsible for any injuries that occur on the “job site” — in this case, your home.

Are they licensed by the city?

In Toronto, anyone who advertises themselves as a “renovator” must be licensed by the city. This ensures that the contractor, renovator, or handyman completes your project according to the city’s regulations and laws. There’s nothing worse than paying through the nose for a kitchen remodel, only to have to tear it all up again.

The City of Toronto’s website explains who needs a license, here.

What are the terms of payment?

On most jobs under $2000, Odd Job Handyman has payment terms of “Net 30,” meaning that your payment is due 30 days after project completion. Some service providers will demand an upfront fee on all jobs, or before all of the work has been completed. This can sometimes be a red-flag.

How long have they been in business?

Companies that have a long history of success are more likely to do good work. Businesses that cut corners or cheat their clients don’t last long. Odd Job has been in business since 2008, and has compiled a long list of reviews and accolades.

Are the technicians trained and qualified?

In addition to being insured and licensed, you need to make sure that a company is skilled enough to complete your job. Several certifications exist, including the Association of Canadian Handyman professionals (ACHP) and the “Red Seal” qualification for tradesmen. Several technicians have diplomas and certificates from construction, engineering, and trade schools.

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3 Ways Your Handyman Can Actually Make YOU Money

You usually look for a handyman when something breaks: sometimes you’re just looking for a quick and clean end to a problem door, chipping paint, or leaky faucet.

But did you know that a handyman can also add value to your home or condo? Getting a small update today may be just the thing to score a big payday later, no matter the state of the housing market.

Choose the Practical Over the Flashy

Do you know what the number one way to improve your home’s value is? Replace the insulation. This one job can return more than 108% on its cost, and can benefit your own family for years to come. New insulation will reduce heat loss, stop drafts, and lower your energy bills. You’ll save money while living in your home, and make more money once it’s sold. What a smart thing to do.

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You don’t need to replace everything at once, but updating the look of your kitchen or having new appliances installed can go a long way. A minor kitchen remodel can bring about a return of 80% or more, and it’s super easy for a team of professionals.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

New paint is fast, easy, and worth it: painting can return up to 60% on its cost when you decide to sell your home. Plus, a new colour on your walls might just reignite the excitement of coming home.

Check out even MORE tips for how to improve the value of your home here, “31 Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Home.”

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