3 Places Where New Tile Can Add Value to Your Home

That headline should read “substantially” add value to your home. Because new tile in just the right place can substantially add new value to your old home.

Home design and style goes through trends and updates more times than most people move houses, so its important to stay up-to-date when you finally do decide to sell.

Retile Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovations

Some people spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So, why shouldn’t you feel comfortable in there? The bathroom is one of the places where potential buyers will look the closest. They want to make sure it’s clean, in-style, and definitely not off-putting.

And let’s face it: your avocado-green sink and toilet ain’t a selling point. Also, the less said about that weird brown and orange tile scheme, the better.

Retiling before you sell takes care of all that dirty, stained old grout you’ve been building up, and removes any mold that may be sneaking in from all that moisture.

Clean, stylish bathrooms are a definite added value.

Retile Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can look like this too.

Kitchens can have the same problems as bathrooms (dirty grout, mold, mildew). But kitchens also provide unique opportunities for tiling. Where your bathroom can accommodate tiling around the floor or bathtub, your kitchen as a magical, wondrous place called the back-splash.

The back-splash is an area just behind your sink (or, the back) where water may — get this — splash.

Some kitchens will only have drywall back here, and that’s bad news. Drywall can be easily water-damaged, and will harbor mold. The paint will also begin to discolor and peel.

A tile back-splash, made of ceramic, clay, or glass tile, will prevent this. Tile is much easier to clean, and it looks great.

See what a new back-splash did for one of our previous clients, here.

Tile Your Ceiling

ceiling tiles
For the ambitious.

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that I didn’t say “retile” your ceiling. That’s because it’s pretty uncommon today to see a home that has tiling on the ceiling anywhere but in the bathroom, but hear me out. It’s a big, big trend among the hipper spots in Toronto to “upcycle” old tin tiles from old businesses and install them into new restaurants and vintage-inspired stores. And why not? Those old tin-tiles look great. You don’t even have to go antiquing to find them anymore. New tiles are being produced that mimic that old style, without the history or price tag.

You’d be amazed how much more enjoyment — and value — you can get out of your home simply by sprucing up or adding a few tiles to a few choice areas.

Ask Odd Job about some new tiles today.

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Picture-hanging Tips from The Pros

Nothing makes a home look quite as homey as hanging pictures and other custom-framed objects, art, and photographs on the walls. Here are five tips that will give your home the feel of a luxurious art gallery.

Choose the Proper Hardware

There’s more than one type of wall, and there’s just as many types of hardware to use with them. Whether it’s drywall, concrete, or brick, you’ll need to use the right screw, nail, or drill bit.

Picture hanging tips from the pros. No one's got more experience than Odd Job.
Picture hanging tips from the pros. No one’s got more experience than Odd Job.

Always Measure

Measure twice, hang once. No matter how you choose to arrange your frames and other items, you’re going to want to make sure that they’re even spaced. Not all items will be the same size, but you’ll be amazed how cohesive everything can look if the space in between those items are are appropriate.


Watch Your Weight

Different walls and hardware can only hold so much weight. Even fancy hardware specifically made for hanging pictures will fail if there are not enough of them, or the wall material is too weak or brittle to hold them. There is no “one size fits all solution” to hanging.

Picture-hanging Tips from The Pros-3

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Have you ever noticed paper fade when placed in the sunlight? Items hang too close to a window need special glass to avoid the damaging effect of UV light. It’s probably best to avoid hanging anything irreplaceable and precious in a space that receives direct sunlight.

Picture-hanging Tips from The Pros - 4

Use Your Space Wisely

You should make sure your hangings match your space. A tiny picture should not be hung on its own on an enormous empty wall. Vary up the sizes of your items to add variety.

4 Spring Home Improvement Projects

The month of March is upon us, and the temperature is finally rising.

So you know what that means: it’s finally time to start tackling those outdoor Spring Home Improvement projects!

HGTV notes that making even small improvements can dramatically increase the value of your home, and Spring is definitely the time to get those done.

Here are 5 small jobs you can do to make your home look as good as the warm weather feels.

Install a New Door

A new door is an instant improvement, and provides value year-round. But the best time to install one is as part of your Spring Home Improvement schedule.

Adding a new door will give you some serious new curb appeal, and you can even paint it red to show the world that you’ve paid off your mortgage.

Stain Your Deck

What better way to enjoy the returning sunshine than by sitting out on your backyard deck? This Spring Home Improvement tip is a double-whammy: not only does a new stain on that old wood look great, but it’ll protect your deck throughout the entire year.

Staining your deck is a quick, affordable way to enhance your backyard. Most staining jobs are done in about 3-4 hours and won’t cost over $500.

You should also look into giving your deck a power wash. Constant outdoor exposure can take a toll on the wood, and make repairs more costly and frequent. A power wash can blast away the dirt and grime that can cause permanent damage to your deck.

Check out this before and after video to see how a simple power wash can make bring your deck back to life.

Fence Repair

Good fences make happy home owners.

There are a lot of sayings about fences.

Good fences make good neighbours.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

One can even “sit on the fence” with one’s opinion.

With all of this activity happening around your fences, you might want to make “fence improvement” one of your Spring Home Improvement projects. So, on the first sunny weekend this month, go out and take stock of your fence.

Are there any broken boards?

What about the lattice?

And how are the posts holding up?

Even if your fence is in good repair, it’s a good idea to paint your fence again, and give it a refreshed look. Just because it keeps things out doesn’t mean it can’t be welcoming.

Put up A Hose Reel

If you’ve got a garden, lawn, or one of those tiny little kiddie pools, you’ll be using your hose a few times this Spring and Summer. But if you don’t have a hose storage solution, you might not even want to bother watering the flowers.

Odd Job handyman has got you covered.

An outdoor hose reel can be mounted to the side of your house for easy storage. So there’s no more struggling to wind it back up after use, and no more hose on the ground. See a video about it here.

Can you think of any more Spring home improvement projects? Get an estimate from Odd Job today!

5 Ways Your Handyman Can Help You Live Green

Fix Leaking Faucets

Your handyman can repair your leaky faucet easily, or replace it with a more eco-friendly model. They can also install an aerator, which allows you to use less water while washing.

Install a “Low-Flow” Showerhead

Low-Flow showerheads restrict the amount of water you use while taking a shower, and help keep your water bills under control.

Replace Your Lightbulbs With LEDs

Have your handyman technician replace all of the the incandescent and CFL bulbs in your home with affordable LED lightbulbs — they use less energy and last much longer!

Install Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are much more practical than regular carpet. A handyman can repair or replace tiles much more easily, and much more quickly. Eco-friendly carpet tiles are usually made of recycled materials that would have otherwise gone to landfills.

Install Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is much easier to grow than hardwood trees, and is easier to harvest. As flooring, it is easy to maintain, and more water resistant. Bamboo floor tiles can even be harder than some hardwoods!

Contact Odd Job today to see what other eco-friendly adjustments we can make to your home!