Today, we’re talking about what tools you NEED for your condo. After you move into your brand new place in the city, you’ll soon realize that there will be a couple of odd jobs that need fixing around the house. It all starts with the basic tools that you can get at your local hardware store in your new neighbourhood. We have listed a few tools that you will need to start your projects on the right foot. 

1. Putty Knife 

A putty knife is a great tool to have in your back pocket for the dried up paint spots on the floor.

They’re great for the opening paint cans, taking out rough spots on the wall, and filling in the wall with mud.

Here is a good example of what type of putty knife you can pick up yourself for your small painting projects:

After your purchase, you can watch this video to learn how to use one:

2. Hammer 

A hammer is the main and basic tool to have in your tool box, it’s a versatile tool that’ll provide you assistance on any projects.

Whether it be hanging up a shelf or even taking out nails when you’re demoing a wall, a hammer is your number one tool. It’s durable, and finding a great hammer will last you years. 

You will have a choice of different weighted hammers from 14oz to 19oz on a budget with choices of handles. Certain hammers are catered to a specific type of job, and we’ve listed two below.

Drywall Hammer: Specializes for drywall that has a hatch model with a flat head to avoid damaging drywall. 

Framing Hammer: Specializes in removing nails that are sticking out of beams and framing posts.

 It’ll be the most useful hammer to add to your tool box when renovating your condo.

3. Multi-Bit Screwdriver 

Other than a hammer, a multi-bit screwdriver would be your best purchase when you’re handling DIY projects around the condo. Whatever brand you buy, a multi-bit screw will have your back when tackling a small or big project. The versatility of this tool will be a fit great in your collection and won’t take up space in your tool box.

4. Tape Measure 

Measure twice, cut once. Ever heard of that? It all starts with a tape measure. It’s one of the first tools you would use on any project, and it comes before you swing a hammer. You’ll definitely need it after you order all the parts you want to fix your place up.

It’s a great tool to have laying around the condo, especially when you’re bringing in new furniture. It’s more of a multi-project tool that’ll save you money and stress. 

We have linked a great tape right here.  

5. Level 

After using your new tape measure, hammer and multi-bit screwdriver to hang up a shelf you would need a level. It’s important to have things all squared out perfectly to avoid any accidents involving your brand new shelf.

Levels come in various sizes: 

  • Less Than 5.9 in.
  • 5.9 – 8.9 in.
  • 8.9 – 10.9 in.
  • 10.9 – 23.9 in.
  • 23.9 – 25.9  in.

With the proper use, those last two tools will aid you in getting the most accurate measurements. Check out this video that teach you how to use them to the best of its capabilities:

After collecting five of the most common and useful tools from your local hardware shops, you’ll be ready to take on any condo project.

Of course, it’s tough getting a contractor to come to your door for a “small job” – but it’s big to you. Odd Job knows your ‘small jobs’ are big deals. Many of the projects we tackle take under 2 weeks from start to finish. Looking to hang pictures or replace a door? Whether it’s a few ‘odd jobs’ or a large renovation, we can help.

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