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If you can secure the services of a handyman, there is no reason not to take advantage of their skills and talents during summer! Whether minor or major improvements, summer is the perfect chance to carry them out. So, let’s look at the 7 perfect summer project ideas for your handyman!

Refurbishing your Bathroom

One of the best summer project ideas for your handyman is refurbishing your bathroom. Why do you need a handyman for this? Well, something like setting tiles requires skill and is very easy to mess up. A simple misalignment or a mistake in the amount of mortar used would make the result ugly. Additionally, it would not adequately protect your walls from water due to the gaps between the tiles. With the assistance of a professional handyman, you can avoid all these problems. And you can ensure that your bathroom is aesthetically pleasing as well. The same logic applies to installing a bathtub or a shower stall and even replacing tricky fixtures. You do not know how difficult it is to replace a faucet until you try!

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Touching up the Kitchen

Summer is the perfect time to sneak in a kitchen renovation. Of course, you still need to look into renting storage and a quality unit to ensure safety at that! This way, all your appliances will make it through the renovation safe and sound. You can have your walls repainted and even your countertops replaced. This would eliminate the wear and damage that cooking has on such surfaces. It is, after all, impossible to avoid oil splashes and other types of smudges that tend to appear in the kitchen when you aren’t paying enough attention. And since you are renovating in summer, you can relax and leave your windows wide open to ensure everything settles quickly and nicely!

Plumbing Maintenance

Anyone who claims they can take care of their plumbing system without professional knowledge is probably overselling their abilities. Thankfully, handyman services include dealing with plumbing problems. Being able to rely on a handyman to unclog your drains and eliminate the chance of backflow properly is immensely helpful. This makes plumbing maintenance one of the most crucial summer project ideas for your handyman! Ignore this task for too long, and you will quickly run into serious plumbing issues. An added benefit is that your handyman can detect some more severe problems as they start forming. Plumbing and water issues need to be taken care of immediately. Even if they cannot deal with it themselves and you need a professional plumber, a timely warning will save you a ton of money!

Gutter Cleaning and Repair

What makes gutter cleaning and repair one of the perfect summer project ideas for your handyman is that this allows you to both deal with the damage winter and spring storms have caused and prepare for the upcoming fall in a timely manner. After all, damaged gutters can do much more damage to your home than you might think. They exist to keep water from getting into places it shouldn’t. Leaks can cause severe damage to your walls and the home’s foundation. And if there are issues with the gutters, such as the connection weakening, they can come completely free under the strain of large volumes of rainfall. This can hurt you and your home if you are unlucky to be outside when they fall.


Re-caulking your windows and doors can do wonders for your thermal insulation. If you’ve noticed that it takes more time for your home to warm up or cool down when using an AC, and if the same effects go away quickly after turning it off, you definitely have faulty caulking. Gaps between your door, window frames, and wall can allow outside air and temperature to slip into your home unimpeded. This is not just bad for your energy efficiency but, as the moving and storage experts from warn, can also be bad for your belongings. If you have musical instruments or art pieces that require particular conditions to stay in good shape, this is lethal for them.

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Improving the Looks of your Home’s Exterior

You can use wall maintenance tips for homeowners to keep the inside of your home looking pretty. But, the same advice cannot really be applied to the façade of your home. The outside of your house needs to look pretty too! So, prettying it up is one of the perfect summer project ideas for your handyman. A handyman can pressure wash your home and remove all the accumulated dirt and stains. They can repair your deck or patio or even paint and strain them. A professional handyman can even put together a patio from scratch if you are up to an extensive project! At a much more affordable price than a construction company, too. So, the only limit to the improvements a handyman can help you make to the exterior of your home is the limit of your imagination.

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Installing Light Fixture

There are few things as pretty and yet as easy to mess up as installing outside light fixtures. We suggest you don’t mess around with fixtures and electricity cables if you don’t have any previous experience. Having exterior lights which are motion sensitive brings two significant improvements into your life. First, no more scrambling for the light switch if you need to go out at night! Second, it massively improves the security of your home. Most burglars are, in nature, cowardly. Any confrontation with homeowners can end in tragedy and a lengthy prison sentence. So, when lights come on, most will back off. If nothing else, it draws attention to their presence. So, having outside light fixtures is definitely something you need to include as one of the summer project ideas for your handyman!

Final Word

Now that you know what the 7 perfect summer project ideas for your handyman are, the only thing left is to choose! Unfortunately, a single summer might not leave you with enough time to do all of them. So, think about what you need most, and go with that.