Junior and Senior Technicians

Do you consider yourself handy? Odd Job Handyman Services is looking for Junior and Senior Technicians to join our team!

Who are you?

You’re an independent expert in the gig economy. You define yourself by your handy skills, are humble, and embody open and honest communication. You’re not one to get discouraged or avoid unusual challenges. You hate doing the exact same thing every day, and you enjoy traveling around the city, interacting with new and interesting people daily. You like to make your workplace a respectful space where everyone is encouraged to grow professionally.
You take pride in being professionally knowledgeable and efficient at your job, and it doesn’t hurt that you’re a people-pleaser, too. You are tech-savvy and know your way around a smartphone.

You want a job in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, where your professionalism and high standards are appreciated and taken seriously. Your ideal workplace allows you to work with little supervision or oversight, because your employers know that you’ll be able to get the job done, right the first time. You work well with a team, but you treat it more like a family: you’ll never let them down, and you expect the same from your colleagues.

Who are we?

The staff at Odd Job love being handy! Every member is background- and identity-checked. They’re hand-selected from the “best of the best” in local professional circles, and they pass a series of rigorous in-shop tests before they’re admitted into the team. We offer a company vehicle, power tools, uniforms, fuel card, marketing media, and profit sharing for those that qualify.

Total Compensation for each role:

General Labourer: $24.50-$17.50
Jr. Technician: $27.50-$33.50
Sr. Technician: $ 33.50-$37.50
Lead Technician: $37.50-$42.50

Odd Job Handyman Services wants to meet you!

Please forward your resume to help@oddjob.ca for further details.