Caulk That Just Won’t Stick

As Toronto’s #1 Handyman, we frequently get calls from people who don’t just want a quick fix, but they’re curious to know why they keep seeing the same problems cropping up in their homes, year after year. Take, for example, bad caulk:

Caulking can be a source of many problems, from mold and mildew to messy or imprecise applications. But sometime’s your caulking just won’t stay adhered to the wall, and you have no idea why. You — or your contractor or handyman — followed all of the rules of using caulk, but you still find yourself having to recaulk it sooner than you should.

So, what’s going on?

Well, like the great nature vs nurture debate, sometime’s environment plays more of a role than we expect:

Your bathroom‘s too moist.

An environment with a lot of running, hot water — like a bathroom — can have an adverse effect on silicone caulk if the room lacks proper ventilation. This can be the cause of your despair if your bathroom lacks a window, or a ventilation fan to get rid of the humidity after those long, hot showers you like.  The easiest solution is, of course, to install a ventilation fan, or to make sure that you clean and run it frequently, especially after using the shower.

If the caulking in question is around the base of the shower, then there may also be another issue: clogged drains. Caulk doesn’t like to be submerged in water for an abnormally long time, and will rebel accordingly. An unclogged, open drain is a happy drain and makes for happy caulk.

Want to make sure the bathroom of your dreams stays fresh and dry? Talk to Odd Job Handyman Services! We’re ready to tackle any job around the house, big or small. Keep Calm and Call a Handyman.

Moving Furniture: How to Do-It-Yourself Without Hurting Yourself!

Moving Furniture: Tips From the Odd Job Team

Tips for Moving Furniture


“No job is too small” is a company motto at Odd Job. On Monday, a member of our team might find themselves renovating an entire floor of a major office. building. On Tuesday, they might travel a few miles in the other direction to install a pet door for your grandma.

Some of our specialties, such as hanging pictures and artwork or assembling furniture, aren’t tasks that everyone would call a contractor for. Many would regard such things as “chores” that belong on one’s “to-do” list. But who says your personal to-do list has to be your personal responsibility?

That’s where Odd Job comes in! When you make a call to (416) 520-1161 or book our team online, we take your to-do list off your hands!

There are some seemingly simple tasks that require homeowners to surrender more sweat than they’re willing to. One is moving furniture – one of a few things that isn’t among Odd Job’s areas of work. We refer clients interested in our moving services to Rent-a-Son, the city’s best moving company.

Much like Odd Job, Rent-a-Son has made a name for itself based on unmatched quality and efficiency as well as fair and competitive rates. In fact, they are leading their industry with an incredibly generous price match guarantee: “If you have received an estimate from a competing Toronto moving company, provide us with that estimate and we will match the price.” 

For those who value money more than time and effort, the team at Odd Job has some great tips that will help you move your furniture without risking its safety or your own!

Dragging and Sliding

So how does one go about moving furniture? By carrying it, of course! Well, that concludes our article.. just kidding!

There are methods that make the task far easier while minimizing the risks involved as well – and not all of them actually require you to ‘carry’ anything at all. Regina Yunghans, an architect and longtime contributor to the hugely popular interior design blog Apartment Therapy, discovered this first-hand when the mid-century credenza that she and her husband had ordered finally arrived at their door.

They were confused and dismayed when they were not met by two strongmen but by a woman in her sixties.. with a bad shoulder. What they soon learned was that she had been a professional mover for many years, and while she couldn’t lend them her arms, she could lend them her secrets.

In her article What I Learned from a Pro about Moving Heavy FurnitureYunghans passed on the invaluable knowledge that had been imparted to her:

Use those blankets! The quilted blue blankets that wrap furniture for protection from scratches and dents are multi-purpose. Once we had the credenza off the truck, the blankets were our primary tool in getting the piece from point A to B. We laid the still-wrapped credenza on a blanket spread out on the ground and simply dragged the furniture to the house (on grass, mind you… it probably would not have moved well over concrete). That saved us from doing any lifting whatsoever and completely eliminated any chance of dropping and damaging the furniture.

Once we reached the front steps, we laid a cushion of several more quilted blankets out over the steps. We then unwrapped the credenza and slid it (on its top) up the “ramp” of blankets laid over the stoop. And voila! It was inside. By retaining one blanket under the credenza once indoors, we simply slid it into place in the dining room on a blanket across the hardwood floors. Once it was aligned with where we wanted it, we just had to flip it off of the blanket and onto its feet.

Furniture Sliders in ActionYunghans learned that in many cases, carrying furniture was more dangerous, more physically demanding and less practical than simply dragging or sliding it. You can pick up furniture sliders at every major home improvement retailer, and even improvise your own with things around the house.

Use hard plastic items like frisbees or the covers of plastic containers when sliding furniture over carpeting and soft, padded ones like bedspreads, towels or moving blankets like the ones utilized by Yunghans and her husband.

Even if you aren’t planning to drag or slide your furniture to the space you want it, use the moving blankets to protect it in case it is dropped or bumped into another hard surface.

Provide it with further protection by wrapping it in stretch film, which can be purchased at any major home retailer. The plastic and fabric layers will protect the delicate edges of the furniture, as well as the finish.


If you’re interested in moving furniture the old-fashioned way, then there are methods to this as well. How you lift heavy furniture will not only determine the likelihood of a bad accident, but also the effects the work will have on your back.

Before we explore a couple of the techniques employed by professional movers, such as the one illustrated above, we must first cover the absolute basics. It is fundamentally important to use proper form when lifting boxes, furniture, or any other heavy item. While it may seem more natural to simply bend over from your hips and grab it, this forces you to put enormous strain on your back.

brodoyouevenliftSquat with your legs at a ninety-degree angle before lifting so that the weight is transferred to your legs – more specifically, your knees. As with everything else discussed in this article, being careful to lift heavy items properly will save you time and effort. It will also save you from back problems down the road.

Furniture – especially tall items such as a dresser or a a large shelf – should be carried high and low by two people, as the two blue men are demonstrating for us with the couch in the image above. This centers the weight, giving you and your accomplice more control of the item. This makes it much easier to carry furniture through narrow spaces and stairways – especially the latter, as the carrying angle will be roughly parallel to the stairs.


Some furniture is rather awkwardly-shaped for carrying purposes. I’m speaking specifically of chairs.

First-time movers may think it virtually impossible to move a large easy chair through a narrow corridor, but the solution is actually rather simple. Turn it on its side and move the resulting ‘L’ back-first through the  doorway, hooking it around the corner. 

Using this same method also solves the similarly common problem that many amateur movers face when attempting to move a large couch through a narrow hallway and around a corner. If you find that the couch is too tall, maneuver it so that it is at an angle and the top is several inches below the top of the door.


ForearmForkliftLiftingStrapsThe most physically demanding are made so much easier when the proper tools are used. Moving furniture is no different, and while two sets of strong arms have served us well since the beginning of human civilization, advances have been made.

Popular with amateur and professional movers alike are lifting straps, available at almost any home retailer. These are attached to your forearms so as to allow the human body to serve as a forklift, and then wrapped around the bottom of the item. They can be adjusted depending on the size of both the movers and the object.

ShoulderDollyAnother great tool is the shoulder dolly, which is attached to the furniture and the body of its movers much like the lifting straps. The shoulder dolly, however, uses the largest muscle groups to support the weight of the object and therefore leaves your hands free to stabilize it.

Shoulder dollies aren’t available everywhere, but can be purchased online. One drawback to using the shoulder dolly is that when carrying items downhill, the entirety of the weight is transferred to one mover.

Merry Moving!

Odd Job will assemble your furniture, but moving it isn’t among our specialties. We charge a high rate for those who insist on our involvement in such projects, and prefer to refer our clients to Rent-a-Son instead. For those who prefer their own hands to hired ones, we hope this information helps make a difficult task much more manageable.

Professional Wall Shelving Services

Wall Shelving – Repairs & Installation

wall shelving











Straight and level shelves are more than just beautiful design elements – they’re functional too! It doesn’t matter if they are in a closet, an office or a garage. Wherever they’re installed, they’re the unsung heroes that keep our lives organized, and as much a compliment to our space as all else in it.

Tired of fly-by-night ‘contractors’ who install uneven wall shelving that ends up doing more harm to your wall than anything else?

If you don’t feel you can install wall shelves as easily as the people in ‘do-it-yourself’ videos and you’re tired of fly-by-night ‘contractors’ whose improper installations harm your wall more than they add to it, give Odd Job a call!

Our team of fully licensed, bonded and insured professionals will install your shelves the right way – level and sturdy. We guarantee that our shelves will not pull or sag.

No matter the type of wall shelving and no matter the type of wall, we guarantee your shelf will be exactly where you want it and level. Have a specific design or pattern in mind? No problem, we like a challenge. Fill out our online “book-a-handyman” form and our team of professionals will make it happen.

Window Treatments: Professionally Installed

Window Treatments

window treatments

 The Odd Job Way

Curtains and window treatments do more than just offer privacy. They are as important to a room’s overall design as any other element such as paint selection, artwork, and accessories. They are often the finishing touch a room needs to look complete. The right window treatment’s transform a room. It can make a space seem larger, taller, and more grand. Curtains and drapes can also be used to turn a small nondescript window into an impressive focal point. One of the secrets to a successful window treatment is knowing where to install them.

Vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, curtains, Roman shades, drapes, black outs, regardless of what window treatments you choose it we can hang it. We have all the tools to rip through concrete and tall ladders to get to those high places and ceilings. We’ll check your blinds out of the box for damage, discuss where you want them, then measure for the brackets, drill, mount them, then install your window dressing of choice.

We can hang any product on the market, guaranteed not to pull out or we’ll re-hang the window treatments for free. Book our team today!

We Service: Leaside | High Park | Mississauga | Beaches | Bayview Village | Etobicoke | North York | Bloor West | Yorkville | Downtown | Uptown | York | East York | Rosedale | Annex | Forest Hill | Lawrence Manor | Davisville | The Kingsway | Thornhill

Meet Odd Job’s Mobile Workshop!

Meet Odd Job’s MVP, our mobile workshop!

mobile workshop van

He may not be much of a talker or bring us coffee in the morning but our mini one-stop mobile workshop holds all the tools to get the job done, regardless of how small. He carries supplies and equipement, organized and ready so that our local and professional handymen can help you with all your project needs.

Odd Job Handyman Services

Inside Odd Job’s mobile workshop, tools and supplies ogranized for all your project needs.

Looking to build or re-finish that deck or maybe repair that fence that’s been on your to-do-list for months. We’ve got it covered! Our vans carry saws, lumber and stain. Does your home need redecorating or a fresh coat of paint? Odd Job’s mobile workshop transports drywall and paint supplies to help turn your ideas into a reality. Maybe you’re looking to freshen up your bathroom. From tiles to grout, the van comes fully prepared to address all your project ideas.

mobile workshop van

Don’t forget to grab a card from the back!

At the end of a small or even a large project, our mobile workshop carries all of the necessary equipment to leave your space as clean as it was before we arrived. If you see the van in your neighbourhood wave hello, and also feel free to take a card or two from the back of the van for yourself and to pass along to family and friends.

Fill out our “book-a-handyman” form and in no time our mobile workshop, with its arsenal of highly efficient tools and a crew of qualified, insured professionals will pay you a visit.

Energy Saving Tips from Odd Job

Home Energy Saving Tips:


energy saving tipsSpring is coming and by following these helpful energy saving tips, you will save your money and keep yourself comfy at the same time.  If you don’t have the time or the tools to tackle any of these projects, fear not: the pros at Odd Job know exactly what you need and how to do it. We are here to help you every step of the way.

1. Consider installing items such as dimmer switches and timers to help you conserve power.

2. When replacing light bulbs in pot lighting or recessed fixtures, keep LEDs in mind. They can provide focused lighting, and last  30x longer than incandescent bulbs.

3.  By adding weatherstripping to your home, you can reduce drafts, and save on heating.

4. Use pipe wrap–it will reduce heat loss and bring hot water to your faucet and shower faster, and will also save electricity related to water heating (Note: do not insulate plastic pipes.)

By incorporating the following energy saving tips in your homeyou can save money for all of your future home projects!

Stay tuned for our next helpful advice and tips! If you’d like to bring our resources and expertise to your home, just fill out our online “book-a-handyman” form and place your project in professional hands!


Furniture Assembly for Your Home

Furniture Assembly

furniture assembly






Service with a smile!

Our handyman teams arrive ready to put any piece and brand of furniture together. We carefully open the boxes, check the product for damage, then down to business.  No matter if it’s a dresser, a bed, desk, chair or anything else in those boxes, we can handle it.

Maybe you have to disassemble or reassemble something and you’ve lost the instructions?  We can handle that too.

Need it picked up?  No problem just ask about our sourcing rates.

Our furniture assembly services are waiting to give your home that perfect look, book Odd Job today!

Better Flooring for Less: Transform Your Home!

Hardwood Installation: Magic in Action

If you own a home or a condo, one of the greatest investments you can make is hardwood installation. It is highly durable, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing to virtually everyone on the planet.

Removing old, flat and drab carpets while putting down hardwood will revitalize any room, breathing new life into your home and bringing joy to all of its occupants.

Hardwood installation is enough to make any space feel larger and more modern. Furthermore, it drastically raises the value of your home. Fill out our online booking form and you won’t have to wait long before one of our teams upgrades your flooring.

Professional Tiling – Witness the Magic!

Professional Tiling – Witness the Magic!

Take a look at some of our professional tiling team’s recent conquests!

One of the many things that makes Odd Job different is that we have specialized teams of handymen for each type of project. When you book with us, our office staff will ‘match’ you with licensed, insured, bonded and identity-and-background-checked professionals.

Our professional tiling contractors will be happy to repair, replace and install your tiled floors – ceramic, porcelain, glass and more.


professional tiling repair

As you can see, replacing the tiles isn’t always necessary. In many cases, we’ll simply need to replace the adhesive or selectively target wet or dry areas or replace the grout.

Our professional tiling contractors aren’t like many others in that they’ll be as happy to complete small-scale repairs as they will be to take on larger installations.


Subway Tiles

Why do we receive hundreds of service requests for tiled backsplashes every year? Why have tiles been a staple of interior design since the beginning of human civilization?

Because they’re easy to maintain, they’re gorgeous, and they allow the homeowner to capture a vibration that is simply indescribable. Our team has decades of experience installing tiles for residential and commercial clients all over the city.

Book or call today, and our professional tiling contractors will ensure that you witness the magic in your home. 

Moulding: Installed Beautifully and with Professional Skill

We can install new interior trim, moulding, crown moulding, baseboards in any room you desire, and with beautiful results.

We can also build cornices, decorative columns, faux ceiling beams and beautiful coffered ceilings.

Many installations take just a day!

Our professional installers also adhere to a strict installation method that virtually guarantee’s great results that last and last.  Unlike most budget installers we don’t skimp on the important parts of the job, we nail a cleat behind all moulding’s to ensure perfect results and glue all seams and joints to ensure that they don’t return for a visit in the future.

Finally we caulk all the seams and paint out the installed moulding with any paint the client desires.

Be proud to show off your moulding for years and years, choose Odd Job to get you there.

Call us about our rates. We’d be happy to talk to you.

Remodeling the Basement: New Lighting, Painting and Flooring

From start to finish Oddjob can help with even those bigger jobs on your mind.

We leveled the floor, added a water proofing membrane, a new sub floor and then beautiful new flooring in this new great multi purpose room.  New drywall, paint, lighting and baseboard and this room was complete!

Odd Job’s Out-Of-This-World Wallpaper Murals

One of our corporate clients wanted to create a more engaging atmosphere for their employees, and they knew exactly who to call. Our team had done work for these folks before, and they had learned through experience how important quality, efficiency, honesty and above all, creativity is to us.

We added photo murals to two office walls, one featuring Star Wars, and the other, Star Trek. Pretty cool, eh? 

After photo Star Wars wallpaper mural

May the Force be with these clients and their cool new space.

After Photo Star Trek wallpaper mural

Boldly go where few offices have gone before… a photo mural!

What a Tiled Backsplash did for this Kitchen

Our client had just moved in and wanted to do a few upgrades to her kitchen. We tiled the backsplash. What do you think?


Before and After: Basement Stairs

The basement stairwell of this house had seen better days, and it was time to patch up some holes, add a railing and give the steps a rich new finish.

Before: Patching Staircase Walls

Our first job was to repair and paint the stairway. There was a lot of damage to smooth out in the stairwell to get ready for painting.

With the wall fixed up, a railing was installed for added safety.


You should always have a handrail in your stairwell, so we’ve installed one here.








Step 3: Staining the Stairs

Finally, we taped up all the walls to protect our hard work, and gave the steps a rich new finish.

Like the result? Check out what we were able to do for another homeowner’s stairwell with some paint and a carpet runner, and don’t forget to take a look at our service list for halls and stairways if you’d like to know what we’ll do for your stairwell!

Installing Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything, right? And all it took to give this house an awesome facelift was a new door and a fresh coat of paint!

The old door was muted and drafty – it had to go. The home owners wanted us to repaint the stairs as well – this colour draws too much attention.

Before: Worn door and porch

This old door will come out, and the steps will no longer be the focal point.

With a draft-stopping new door in place and the steps painted out in beige, this house looks 20 years younger, don’t you think?

After: New Door

Browse through more exterior home projects in our gallery, or if you are a Real Estate agent looking an occasional handyman to work with your home owners, give us a call at 416-520-1161.

Before and After: Carpeted Stair Runner

Wooden floors are beautiful, but wooden stairs can be slippery and dangerous. Adding a carpet runner is an easy way to add comfort and safety to your home.

First, we’ll sand down the steps so they can be primed and painted.


Plain wooden stairs, ready for a makeover.

Now, this plush carpet runner will ensure that these stairs are safer and nicer on the feet, and the new paint job will ensure it stays beautiful for a long time!


After: Painted and Carpet Installed


Instead of steep and slippery, it’s the comfort of carpet.

Here are some other examples of what Odd Job has done for our clients’ halls, stairways and landings. Be sure to check out our service list for hallways and stairs, and remember, it only takes a minute to book an Odd Job handyman!

Backyard Clubhouse – Handyman Style

Backyard Clubhouse: Handyman Style

backyard clubhouse - beforebackyard clubhouse - after

A backyard clubhouse isn’t nearly as cool as it should be when the roof is leaking.

The Smitherson family learned this the hard way when their daughter Nancy began complaining about the conditions in her outdoor hideaway. She and her friends were being rudely interrupted by spring showers.

Upon our arrival, we immediately knew what to do. We removed the worn cedar shingles and gave the roof a full update. Rain will no longer interrupt the tea parties at this clubhouse!

We offer a wide range of exterior home improvement services. Whether you need a backyard clubhouse or a shed, gazebo or even a playground,  Give us a call at (416) 520-1161 or book our team online.

Before and After: Repairing Drywall in a Flooded Basement

Basement flooding not only ruins whatever belongings you might have stored downstairs, but it also can cause rot and decay in the drywall, insulation and wood that make up the walls. That’s what we found inside the walls at this house when we came to replace the drywall of a guest bedroom.

Mouldy Basement

Gutting the mould and rot from the basement bedroom walls.

Fully Insulated Walls

The walls have been repair, insulated, and taped back up. Ready for drywalling.


Floor cleaned up and good as new.


The seam is invisible where we repaired the lower half of these walls. Painted and trimmed out.

Check out more photos of our basement adventures, and take a look at our service list for basements and garages. Fill out our online “book-a-handyman” form and we will help you with all of your downstairs projects.

Before and After: Adding Mosaic Tiles in the Kitchen

The property owner at the Egencia Agency was so impressed with the work we did, they called us back to do some tiling at an adjacent residential property.

In the kitchen, they wanted to add some drama to this small space by tiling it. Here we are preparing the space.

Preparing to Tile Wall

The soon-to-be feature wall in the Kitchen.

We installed a mosaic feature wall made up of glass, ceramic and marble tiles.

Glass tile moasic tiled wall

After: The finished feature wall

A border of the same tiled mosaic was added to the rest of the kitchen to tie it in.

Glass and ceramic tile border

Tiled Border in the Kitchen.

Check out some of our past kitchen projects and read our service list for kitchens. If we can help you, then take a minute or two to fill out our online “book-a-handyman” form and our team will be mobilized to transform your kitchen!

Before and After: A Room is Born

Wondering if you can squeeze an extra room out of that sunny landing? That’s what one of our clients thought when he called Odd Job about creating a new wall and doorway on the second floor.

This space is perfect for a small office or hobby room – all it needs is a bit of privacy.


Before: An Open Space

Here, we’ve hung all the studs to frame out the new wall and entryway.


Framed out the wall with a new doorway.

The glass in this door will still allow light into the hall, but now there’s a bit more privacy and functionality to this space.

New wall and door

Privacy acheived with this new wall and door.

There are other ways we might help you repair or refresh your halls and common rooms. Book us today!

From Whiteboards to Television Sets: Odd Job Hangs it All!

Our friends at the Egencia Agency needed to hang some large and heavy objects in their office space, so they gave Odd Job a call.

In the lobby, we installed a flat screen TV:

Flat screen tv hung on wall

A flat-screen TV securely mounted on the wall.

In the meeting rooms, we hung a total of 8 10″ whiteboards. Who’s ready to brainstorm?

10' whiteboard on brick wall

A large whiteboard hung on the wall.


3 - 8' Whiteboards mounted in office nook

Whiteboards are now mounted around the office, ready to capture ideas.

Want Odd Job to help transform your workspace? Book us today!

Before and After: Ceramic Tile Repair in a Shower Stall

1) First, we removed all of the cracked and broken tiles, and all the old grout in the floor of the shower.


Removal of grout and broken tiles.

2) Here, we’ve replaced tiles and are caulking the shower stall.

New Tiles and Caulking

New tiles are down and caulked

3) And here’s the repaired shower stall – practically new!

Completed Repair of Shower Tiles

A beautiful repair job!

Here are more photos featuring Odd Job’s bathroom renovations. Would you like us to spruce up your bathroom? Take a look at our bathroom service list and see what we can do for you.