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Bathroom & Kitchen Caulking 

Bathrooms and Kitchens are at the center of our lives at home.  These rooms not only serve a function but look good doing it.  In order to keep these rooms functioning for as long as possible without interruption or water damage it is important to ensure that caulking is in good condition at all times.

Caulking services in bathroom

What is caulk?

Great question!

Caulking not cocking, is the rubber-like a sealant that ofter runs along where your bathtub meets the tiled wall surrounding the tub.  This product comes in several colours and quality levels.  We always recommend using the best materials you can afford.

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So why seal in the first place?

As houses and buildings move and age with time, water and air can penetrate the small cracks and gaps this creates in the building envelope, as well as systems like showers and tubsCaulking is a flexible silicone-based sealant that fills and covers these gaps while also flexing and moving the building as it ages.  Caulking is applied with a special tool and working in place to produce a smooth even line that fills the desired area and allows for movement.

Caulking Services in Toronto

How often should I replace caulk?

Caulk should be replaced at regular intervals during the life cycle of any room it is in.   Tubs and showers where water is used daily should be replaced every two years or less. Kitchen backsplashes should be done every 4 years or less and any caulking that has dried out, shrunk, cracked or separated should be replaced as soon as its noticed.  Other areas should be done as needed based on a visual inspection once a year.

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