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local handyman

Do you need to find a local handyman to tackle your small repair jobs?

Here are 4 ways you can find a local handyman for your odd jobs.


The Odd-Job-approved method is to visit They’re a Toronto-based handyman, repairs, and home services network. And we don’t recommend them just because Odd Job Handyman has won the “Best of” award for Toronto for 5 years running! They connect you with the most appropriate service provider for your task and to-do list, so you don’t have to spend hours looking through Google or the Yellow Pages.

Check out the Reviews on Facebook

If you want to find a good handyman, why not ask your local groups? Any reputable business is going to have a page on Facebook. Facebook offers customers a way to review and recommend local home service providers, so this is a great way to feel out a company before you contact them.

Find Google Reviews

Like Facebook, Google gives you reviews of handymen, and it’s more helpful when you’re searching locally. But beware! A lot of competing companies can post bogus reviews to try to steal clients away from reputable services. You can read our guide to avoiding fake reviews here.

Ask Your IRL Friends

It might be a little analog, but the best way to find a trustworthy handyman is to ask your friends.

But we warned: your neighbor’s coworker’s cousin might know a guy who’ll do it for cash, but they might not be licensed or insured.

Protect yourself: always ask if your handyman is insured. A branded truck and uniform wouldn’t be a deal-breaker, either.

Of course, you can always make it easy: contact Odd Job and get a free online estimate. We’ll handle all of your home repair needs, including art hanging, drywall repair, deck staining, light fixture installation. See everything we do on our services page.

In conclusion, it doesn’t need not be difficult to discover a local handyman. You can quickly identify trustworthy handyman services in your neighborhood by using online sites like, Facebook, and Google reviews. It’s also crucial to get referrals from friends and relatives, but before employing a handyman, make sure they are certified and insured. A professional handyman service like Odd Job, which can handle a variety of home maintenance needs, is an alternative that will save you time and hassle. With the aid of a dependable and competent local handyman, you may confidently take on all of your modest repair chores if you keep these suggestions in mind.