Updating your home as you age allows you to continue living with independence and comfort. Odd Job can help you:

  • add or update handrails in your stairways and bathrooms
  • updating your front or back porch to include an accessibility ramp
  • lowering existing counters/cupboards
  • installing adjustable counters/cupboards
  • light switches and electrical outlets placed in accessible locations
  • door locks that are easy to operate
  • lever handles on doors and taps, instead of knobs
  • non-slip flooring in the bathroom
  • a hand-held shower on an adjustable rod or high-low mounting brackets
  • additional light fixtures throughout the home and exterior entrances
  • touch-and-release drawers and cupboards
  • automatic garage door openers

Be sure to check out the Government of Ontario’s Healthy Homes Tax Credit. Many of these renovations can be claimed!