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Bi-Fold Door Repairs

Tired of being frustrated by your bifold doors

Do you have a bi-fold door problem? Does repairing seem like too big of a job for you? We have the right technicians and parts to get your door fixed quickly and correctly. You’ll be able to fix your broken door any time of the day or night and still pay an affordable amount. We’re committed to ensuring that all our customers are 100% satisfied with our work, no matter the nature of their damage. Our techs go through continuous interior door repairs training and we carry high-quality parts for most types of bi-fold door brand out there.

Pocket Door Repairs

Enjoy your privacy again

Looking for pocket door repair? You’re in good hands with ODDJOB.CA We provide quick service, using only the newest technology to guarantee you a perfect result every time. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to get you back on track. We take pride in our work. Our team of expert technicians lives locally and is available for your door and to complete any house repairs any time

Barn Door Repairs

Get your Barn door back on track

Do you have a barn door that won’t close all the way or that keeps sliding open? Interior door repairs can be frustrating, but with ODDJOB.CA you will have an expert service technician to repair your door to last. Our crew of professional technicians have years of experience and offer an array of repair solutions to deal with most barn door failure issues.

Interior Swing Door Repairs

A closing latching door can be a reality again

Are you tired of being frustrated by broken doors, jambs and hinges? Maybe you need a handyman to fix a door handle? Do you have a door that won’t close all the way or that keeps swinging open?

Door repair can be frustrating, and confusing but with ODDJOB.CA you will have an expert service technician to repair your door fast.

Our crew of professional technicians have years of experience and can complete repairs no matter what size your door or the extent of the damage.  We get you back into the swing of thins in no time at all

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