Hot Design Trends for Summer 2016

Summer is just around the corner, and for those of us eager to be wearing board shorts and tank tops round the clock, it can’t come fast enough. For those in the design world, summer will come with a number of interesting design trends that should be honored.

Spotting new summer trends can be difficult, however, and this is especially true with the ever-changing palettes, prints, and products that designers have to choose from. In recent years, designers have begun to focus more on individuality and personality, rather than simply adhering to long accepted “fashion standards.”

If you’re considering doing a home renovation or redecorating project this summer, you should be sure to know what trends are in and what’s out. In order to make sure you don’t commit a design faux pas, make sure you check out these hot design trends for summer 2016:

Style Fusion

Hot Design Trends - Mix and Match
Mixing and matching has never been more acceptable than in 2016. Use your creativity to incorporate new and old design elements to design a cohesive and stylish fusion. Connecting the old design staples with fresh new ideas will help you create interesting and comfortable living spaces. Using softly curved lines with stunning accents can also create a unique and dramatic interior décor.

Modern Materials

hot design trends - modern materials

Incorporating modern materials will be another popular design trend in 2016. Salvaged wood, stone, and metal can all be used to add a naturally creative design element to the home. Be sure to consider all your options for incorporating wood elements into your home, including rustic, naturally light, exotic, and colorfully stained woods. Glowing gold, majestic bronze, elegant granite, and luxurious marble are also expected to be used widely for interior design needs in 2016.

Organic Design

Ellis Residence contemporary green house architecture

Get set to see many more green spaces with large windows and glass wall designs in 2016. Green walls, indoor water features, and nature inspired decoration patterns can be teamed with fresh shades of green, light gray, beige, and black or white to round out the organic touch to your interior design.

Natural Color Schemes

Summer is also set to ring in a new round of natural color schemes. Natural room colors, bright fabric prints, floral wallpapers, and vibrant interior paint colors are sure to be popular choices in summer 2016, and they give you many great options for bringing a natural element into your interior design.

The Modern-Retro Mix

With the multitude of modern design ideas available for summer 2016, some designers might opt to give their modern design elements a retro feel. Rustic and retro can be combined to create a number of fresh and exciting design styles.

The modern-retro mix is about both style and functionality. Black and white geometrical prints, posters, chalk drawings, and handwritten letters on black painted walls are just a few examples of contemporary design interpretations that will help you create inviting and functional spaces.

Reuse and Recycle

As environmental considerations are coming ever more to the forefront of interior design, second hand, reused, and recycled materials are more readily available than ever. These materials can also prove to be huge sources of inspiration for an interior designer. Reused or recycled materials give the designer a unique way of adding their individual personality to a room or home.

Stay Versatile

When it comes to interior design, staying versatile is quite necessary. As hot design trends fluctuate from year to year and season to season, it’s impossible to hone in on a single “path for success.” Summer’s interior design trends are sure to incorporate a number of versatile design elements, such as organic design ideas, natural fabric prints, pastel tones, and more. If you’re designing a new space this summer, be sure to use all of the fun and creative options at your disposal.

Design your Dream

As summer rolls on, your ability to adapt your designs to current trends will allow you to create fun and inspiring spaces for living, working, and recreating. These important trends are just a few of the hot design developments predicted for the summer of 2016. But let’s not put our shoes on before our pants here! Before enjoying the year’s hot design trends, you’ll need to take care of that to-do list. Odd Job to the rescue! Call us today for a free estimate, and remember, you can use our online form to book our team of professionals in minutes! Prepare your home for the hottest summer style your block has ever seen!