Our Handyman Rates

At Odd Job we believe

Pricing Should Be Transparent

Everyone hates ‘contractor’ pricing, you never know why you got the price you did and if the next person got a different rate than you.  We off two different pricing options that are based on the type of project you have.

Our valuing is built with you in mind

With the use of our state-of-the-art estimation tool, we are able to provide you with a fair and accurate estimate while providing you with a price and a completed project you can be proud of.

Time and Material

Repair Projects

Odd Job offers hourly and daily labour pricing to meet your needs. This type of estimate is best for repairs, maintenance or long to-do lists with lots of variables. Your pricing will reflect the type of technician needed for your project and the time and materials that are consumed onsite.

Flat Rate

Project Estimates

Have a few simple and straight-forward replacement or installation projects? Flat rate projects suit this need very well. Flat rate projects account for worst case scenarios, but you can rest knowing that the price you were quoted will be the price in the end, baring of course any unforeseen major issues. We aim to be transparent with our customers and our technicians will always be open and honest with you when circumstances change.

Our Technicians

Jobs taking more than one hour are prorated to the ¼ hour based on the technician’s base hourly rate. 



$80 / hour

Our Junior Technicians are here to help you with all your moving, assembling, tightening, adjusting and painting requests.



$95 / hour

Our General Technicians are our most commonly required crew. They handle everything from drywall to painting to all the general handyman projects that might come up for you. There isn’t much these guys haven’t seen and can’t handle.



$115 / hour

Our Senior Technicians are just that, a crew with many years of experience, our jack-of-all-trades. They are able to support you with plumbing, carpentry projects, tiling repairs and some minor electrical work. Plus do everything else our other techs can as well.

Materials, parking, additional costs and taxes are extra.
Crews of 1, 2 or more techs will be offered depending on needs.

On Site Consultations

Some projects may be larger or a more involved than others and these may require an onsite assessment, this is a visit from our Project Estimator. They will come to your site, do a walkthrough with you; ask all their questions, answer all of yours. For projects of a certain nature, this is the best way to provide you with an accurate estimate. Our fee for a highly experienced Project Estimator to assess your needs is $75 which is reimbursed on approved projects over $500.

Forms of Payment

We offer a secure online payment portal that all our customers have access to through their client hub. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Google and Apple Pay or E‑Transfer. When you receive your invoice, there is a big green button that says Review and Pay Invoice, click that, you will be taken directly to our payments page. There is also a list of payment methods and process on every invoice we sent out, just in case you forget.