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New tile or retile?

That headline should read “substantially” add value to your home. Because new tile in just the right place can substantially add new value to your old home.

Home design and style goes through trends and updates more times than most people move houses, so its important to stay up-to-date when you finally do decide to sell.


Retile Your Bathroom

Some people spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So, why shouldn’t you feel comfortable in there? The bathroom is one of the places where potential buyers will look the closest. They want to make sure it’s clean, in-style, and definitely not off-putting.

And let’s face it: your avocado-green sink and toilet ain’t a selling point. Also, the less said about that weird brown and orange tile scheme, the better.

Retiling before you sell takes care of all that dirty, stained old grout you’ve been building up, and removes any mold that may be sneaking in from all that moisture.

Clean, stylish bathrooms are a definitely added value.


Retile Your Kitchen

Kitchens can have the same problems as bathrooms (dirty grout, mold, mildew). But kitchens also provide unique opportunities for tiling. Where your bathroom can accommodate tiling around the floor or bathtub, your kitchen as a magical, wondrous place called the back-splash.

The back-splash is an area just behind your sink (or, the back) where water may — get this — splash.

Some kitchens will only have drywall back here, and that’s bad news. Drywall can be easily water-damaged, and will harbor mold. The paint will also begin to discolor and peel.

A tile back splash, made of ceramic, clay, or glass tile, will prevent this. The tile is much easier to clean, and it looks great.

See what a new back-splash did for one of our previous clients, here.


Tile Your Ceiling

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that I didn’t say “retile” your ceiling. That’s because it’s pretty uncommon today to see a home that has tiling on the ceiling anywhere but in the bathroom, but hear me out. It’s a big, big trend among the hipper spots in Toronto to “upcycle” old tin tiles from old businesses and install them into new restaurants and vintage-inspired stores. And why not? Those old tin-tiles look great. You don’t even have to go antiquing to find them anymore. New tiles are being produced that mimic that old style, without the history or price tag.

You’d be amazed how much more enjoyment — and value — you can get out of your home simply by sprucing up or adding a few tiles to a few choice areas.

Ask Odd Job about some new tiles today.

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