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Start Earning with Every Referral

Join the Odd Job Affiliate Program and earn money for every successful referral. When your referrals book and pay for our services, you’ll earn commissions. It’s a great way to turn your connections into cash!


Join the Program in Four Easy Steps

It is quick, easy and free!

Easy Sign Up

Sign up in less than a minute. Completely free. Get verified and gain access to your affiliate dashboard.

Track your performance

Be part of our Affiliate program with unique control panels, making it effortless to monitor and fine-tune your campaigns.

Use Affiliate Banners

Never empty handed, We provide the materials; you share them with your network and await the results.

Get your payout

We share revenue fairly. Every eligible sale made earns you at least 10% commissions. And that’s just the start.

Join the Odd Job Affiliate Program:
Where Earning is as Easy as Referring.

Please take a moment to read the FAQ below for a successful affiliation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Odd Job Affiliate Program and how does it work?

The Odd Job Affiliate Program lets you earn commissions by referring customers to Odd Job using special links and creative content. It’s a way for you to make money by bringing in new customers.

It is easy to apply; just complete the form on this page.

When you join the Odd Job Affiliate Program, you’ll receive special links and creative banners to help you promote Odd Job Handyman Services.

To promote Odd Job effectively, you can use different strategies, such as writing a detailed review or sharing your experience working with Odd Job. You can also share promotional materials on your blog or social media channels, use videos to show Odd Job’s capabilities and promote it on popular social networks.

Who are eligible to apply for Odd Job Affiliate Program?

Currently, we extend a special invitation solely to our valued customers. We welcome those who have already had the opportunity to experience our services firsthand and can attest to the satisfaction they’ve derived from our offerings. This exclusive invitation is extended to these loyal patrons, encouraging them to consider joining our affiliate program.

How to join the Odd Job Affiliate Program?

To get started, complete the application form with the required information and submit it for review.

Once you are accepted as an affiliate, you will gain access to your personalized affiliate dashboard. This dashboard offers comprehensive statistics, payment information, and a centralized location for all the essential marketing materials you may need.

How will I know if my application is accepted?

We review all applications during the business week as quickly as possible; you will receive an approval or a decline notification in your email inbox. Normally, it takes about two working days to review your application, however, in some cases, the verification process might take more days.

Why was my application declined?

The specific reason for the decline is communicated to the affiliate through a notification sent after the application has been reviewed. However, please note that we may not provide individual feedback for denials due to the high volume of submissions we receive. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Where can I find Affiliate Terms and Conditions?

The Odd Job Affiliate Terms and Conditions can be found on the sign-up page of the Odd Job Affiliate Program. After clicking on the ‘Register’ button, you can access and review the terms and conditions before completing the sign-up process.

What is the commission structure?

Our Affiliate program offers a generous 10% commission on the total project cost (excluding taxes and materials). You’ll receive this commission once the customer has both completed the project and made their payment.

Referral commissions do not apply to any promotions or offers from our company.

I can't find a referral in my affiliate statistics

If you can’t find a referral in your affiliate statistics, please remember the following:

Our Affiliate program only counts confirmed sales. A sale is deemed successful when a potential customer books one of our services on our website and makes a 50% down payment along with the booking. Once this condition is met, your dashboard will show a successful referral for that transaction.

If the user you referred doesn’t appear in your affiliate statistics, it means they weren’t attributed to your account. This often happens for these common reasons:
a) They didn’t use your affiliate link or code when booking the services.
b) They didn’t accept the necessary cookies. A visitor’s choices about website cookies might affect the attribution of the cookie linked to your affiliate link.

How can a referral affiliate be considered successful and displayed on my dashboard?

To achieve successful attribution and earn referral points, it’s essential that the customer follows a specific set of actions:

Complete the Booking Form: The first step is for the customer to fully fill out the booking form. This form captures all the necessary details for the service they wish to acquire.

Utilize Your Referral Code: During the booking process, it’s crucial for the customer to input your unique referral code. This code links the transaction to you as the referrer.

Submit the Booking Request: After providing their details and applying the referral code, the customer must proceed to submit their booking request. This action signifies their intent to book the service.

Confirm the Downpayment: To solidify the booking, the customer needs to confirm the downpayment for the selected services. This confirmation typically involves the customer making a payment, often covering a substantial portion, such as 50%, of the total service cost.

Only when all these steps are successfully completed will the referral points be generated and added to your dashboard, reflecting your successful referrals.

How and when will I get paid?

You’ll receive your commissions 30 days after the project is finished and the customer has made full payment.

How to delete an affiliate account?

If you would like to end your affiliate partnership with Odd Job Handyman Services, please contact us at

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We offer Handyman Services in Toronto, Burlington, Mississauga and the nearby areas. Whether you’re preparing to sell your property, aiming to make a great impression, or simply want a well-maintained home or building, our team is here to help. From tackling repairs, installations, and renovations to clearing up your to-do list, we handle projects of any size for both residential and commercial clients. Count on us to fix things promptly and ensure they’re done right.

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What Our Clients Say

" I've used Odd Job a number of times now. Every time they've been efficient, friendly, professional. It is apparent in both the way they interact with the customers and the work they do that they care about what they do."

Client TestimonialsAaron Lindh

" Honest, professional, and friendly service - we'll definitely be using Odd Job Handyman Service again! we had four light fixtures and a dimmer switch replaced and were very pleased with the efficient work."

Client TestimonialsAlex Boylan

"I hired Odd Job handymen to do some repairs in my rental property. It was easy to book remotely and schedule visits. They were professional, prompt and knowledgeable. They sourced some difficult parts and replaced them in good time. All in all I would highly recommend them."

Client TestimonialsRoxanna Maria

"The Odd Job crew are very professional and do a great job. We had some deck renovations, painting and carpentry done all while we were out of town. The paint matching was spot on and our home looks as if it had a major face lift. We are more than happy with the results! Thanks so much ODD JOBS!"

Client TestimonialsSheera Kaminsky

"They replaced a microwave and caulked a leaking bathroom. They arrived in PPE and on time. Great job and thanks."

Client TestimonialsJudy Adler Lotin
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