Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions about our Home Ownership Made Easy Program.

What is the service?

Odd Job’s Subscription Service is a stress-free way to take care of the small maintenance and repair needs in your home.

Why should I sign up?

We believe there are three key reasons you should consider joining H.O.M.E.:

  1. We take care of the preventive maintenance that is often neglected but that is needed to keep your home in prime condition;
  2. We free up the valuable time you might otherwise waste waiting for a repair man or searching the internet for a reliable service provider; and
  3. We give you a trusted single source for dealing with anything that goes wrong in your home.

Depending on your home, you may need to deal with five or more different contractors in order to handle all the work you want done on your home. This means finding, scheduling, overseeing and ultimately paying multiple providers. We take all the hassle out of this process by managing it for you. Just tell us which services you would like from a long list of options, and we will handle all of the details. All you have to do is pay the one monthly bill you receive from Odd Job and we take care of the rest! If you do not see the service you need listed, just ask your Project Manager and we will take care of it for you.

How long does the visit last?

Each visit is 2 hours long.

Who conducts my visits?

We have a team of skilled technicians who conduct the visits.

Do I need to be home for my appointment?

You do not need to be home during your maintenance appointment. In fact, roughly 70% of our customers provide us with keys or garage codes so that we can get in when they are not home. This allows us to deal with problems without disrupting your busy schedule. Just think: no more waiting around during a four hour window for help to arrive.

Whom do I call if I have a question or problem?

Each customer is assigned to a project manager at the outset of their contract. Your project manager is responsible for managing all of the work done in your home by our technicians and our service partners. Your home manager handles scheduling, estimating and quality assurance and also manages your ongoing list of work to be done in your home.

How do you price the service?

Prices start as low as $18.75 per month and depends on the number of visits you require.

How do I pay for the service?

We send out invoices via email within a few days of each visit. You can pay by check, e-transfer, or credit card.

What if I decide after a few months that the service is not for me? Am I stuck for the rest of the year?

While we are confident that you will love the service, we understand that life happens and that you might need to terminate the service before the contract is up. While we will be sorry to see you go, we certainly will not hold you to the contract if the service no longer works for you. We do ask that you give us one month’s notice of such a change.

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