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cat shelter

If you have a pet cat who likes to venture outdoors, bring them inside and keep them there until the weather gets better. You might think that your cat is clever enough to come back inside when they get cold, but Odd Job’s handyman technicians have seen enough “missing cat” posters too know that, sometimes, the unexpected can happen.

We should also think about all of the feral and stray kitties who are stuck outside when the snow starts to fall. Last year, Odd Job built these “Outdoor Cat Shelters” for our feline friends to warm up when the weather gets too nasty for their little paws. We’d like everyone to consider building their own outdoor cat shelters so that the four-legged residents of our city can come in from the cold.

All you really need is some plywood, a few old tires, and soft, warm bedding material (like hay). It’s a fun weekend project that can do a lot of good.

Check out our outdoor cat shelter photo gallery below, and get in touch if you’d like plans to build your own:

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