Our client, Ellie, called us about remodeling a small bathroom. So we turned this bathroom from tired to modern in 6 days without needing a permit like larger renovations.


Remodeling a Small Bathroom - Toilet, Shower Stall

This aging bathroom needed a refresh.


Remodeling a Small Bathroom - Waterproof Membrane

We added a water-proof membrane to the walls…


Remodeling a Small Bathroom C - Tiled Shower Stall

…and installed perfectly symmetrical, even-leveled tiles.


Remodeling a Small Bathroom D - Shower Stall Finished

We laid new tiles around the tub, installed a new shower door, and applied new paint.


I love this new bathroom. The clear glass doors are classy, and the small brick pattern on the tile is clean and modern. The tiles carry over onto the bathroom floor, making the room seem larger while tying everything together.  We painted the walls a dark taupe to match the grout on the floor.