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summer handyman jobs

Every homeowner can be handy; but some handyman jobs are often overlooked during our summer hours. Odd Job handyman Services recommends taking a few hours out of your summer vacation to make sure your Christmas vacation isn’t a giant pain.

Here are 5 simple summer handyman jobs that every homeowner should take care of before they lead to even bigger problems.

1. Check Your Window Screens

Summer is a good time to see if you need to replace your old window screens. Broken screens not only let dust and debris into your home, they can also allow easier access for burglars and animals.

2. Double Check Your Plumbing

We know that plumbing can be bad news during the winter, but you should be fixing those problems before it gets cold out. Check all of your pipes and faucets for leaks, especially the outdoor taps. A leaky faucet may be more than an insurance headache come January.

3. Clean Your Dryer Vent

The additional dry heat of summer could make all that dust and lint built up in your dryer vent become a big problem. Now’s the time to go outside and expel all that dirt so that you aren’t putting out any fires later. Cleaning your dryer vent can also help improve your home’s air quality!

4. Maintain Your Deck

Your deck needs the most care during the summer — and not just because you want to have a few barbecue’s this July. If you can take care of any rotting boards and paint/seal the wood, your deck has a better chance of surviving the winter without any additional maintenance costs.

5. Check Your Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners that haven’t been in use for the long winter could be harboring some unforeseen damage or wear. You’ll want to check out the ductwork, air vents, and drainage lines before firing it up, and change the air filters.