Odd Job’s Out-Of-This-World Wallpaper Murals

One of our corporate clients wanted to create a more engaging atmosphere for their employees, and they knew exactly who to call. Our team had done work for these folks before, and they had learned through experience how important quality, efficiency, honesty and above all, creativity is to us.

We added photo murals to two office walls, one featuring Star Wars, and the other, Star Trek. Pretty cool, eh? 

After photo Star Wars wallpaper mural

May the Force be with these clients and their cool new space.

After Photo Star Trek wallpaper mural

Boldly go where few offices have gone before… a photo mural!

From Whiteboards to Television Sets: Odd Job Hangs it All!

Our friends at the Egencia Agency needed to hang some large and heavy objects in their office space, so they gave Odd Job a call.

In the lobby, we installed a flat screen TV:

Flat screen tv hung on wall

A flat-screen TV securely mounted on the wall.

In the meeting rooms, we hung a total of 8 10″ whiteboards. Who’s ready to brainstorm?

10' whiteboard on brick wall

A large whiteboard hung on the wall.


3 - 8' Whiteboards mounted in office nook

Whiteboards are now mounted around the office, ready to capture ideas.

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