Professional Tiling – Witness the Magic!

Professional Tiling – Witness the Magic!

Take a look at some of our professional tiling team’s recent conquests!

One of the many things that makes Odd Job different is that we have specialized teams of handymen for each type of project. When you book with us, our office staff will ‘match’ you with licensed, insured, bonded and identity-and-background-checked professionals.

Our professional tiling contractors will be happy to repair, replace and install your tiled floors – ceramic, porcelain, glass and more.


professional tiling repair

As you can see, replacing the tiles isn’t always necessary. In many cases, we’ll simply need to replace the adhesive or selectively target wet or dry areas or replace the grout.

Our professional tiling contractors aren’t like many others in that they’ll be as happy to complete small-scale repairs as they will be to take on larger installations.


Subway Tiles

Why do we receive hundreds of service requests for tiled backsplashes every year? Why have tiles been a staple of interior design since the beginning of human civilization?

Because they’re easy to maintain, they’re gorgeous, and they allow the homeowner to capture a vibration that is simply indescribable. Our team has decades of experience installing tiles for residential and commercial clients all over the city.

Book or call today, and our professional tiling contractors will ensure that you witness the magic in your home. 

What a Tiled Backsplash did for this Kitchen

Our client had just moved in and wanted to do a few upgrades to her kitchen. We tiled the backsplash. What do you think?


Before and After: Adding Mosaic Tiles in the Kitchen

The property owner at the Egencia Agency was so impressed with the work we did, they called us back to do some tiling at an adjacent residential property.

In the kitchen, they wanted to add some drama to this small space by tiling it. Here we are preparing the space.

Preparing to Tile Wall

The soon-to-be feature wall in the Kitchen.

We installed a mosaic feature wall made up of glass, ceramic and marble tiles.

Glass tile moasic tiled wall

After: The finished feature wall

A border of the same tiled mosaic was added to the rest of the kitchen to tie it in.

Glass and ceramic tile border

Tiled Border in the Kitchen.

Check out some of our past kitchen projects and read our service list for kitchens. If we can help you, then take a minute or two to fill out our online “book-a-handyman” form and our team will be mobilized to transform your kitchen!

Kitchens – Handyman Services

gorgeous kitchens

Kitchens – Our Services

We use our kitchens everyday. They’re where we prepare food, dine, and socialize with friends and family. When there’s an imperfection

Odd Job can help:

  • Replace your faucets, sinks and other fixtures with newer, upgraded models.
  • Fully repairing and if necessary replacing your tiling, fully restoring sanitary beauty to the space.
  • Fully repair and maintain your cabinetry, replacing and upgrading the hardware so they function better than ever.
  • Remove the existing flooring and replace it with laminate – perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Install a gorgeous tile backsplash that creates the ideal vibe.
  • Install islands, countertops, and shelving – when you run out of space, we’ll create new ones.

Kitchens will have any number of repair and maintenance issues over the years. The list above gives only a few examples of the wide range of services we offer in this area.

kitchens 1

Our team has the expertise necessary to transform your kitchen.

Whether you need a few repairs, a project installation, or even a large-scale renovation, Odd Job has you covered. We have been transforming kitchens across Toronto since 2008. Reach out to us at (416) 520-1161 or schedule your visit through our nifty online form.