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Headaches? Eyes always tired at the end of a long day? The cause of your problems may be an over-reliance on ambient light and not enough task lighting.

Task lighting includes various fixtures that provide focused, direct light when you’re working in a specific area. Like lights over a kitchen sink or a desk lamp.

Even if your house is absolutely bedecked with ambient light sources and lamps, you could be harming your eyes and risking your health.

Task lighting can help you work more effectively and easily, focus better, and feel happier. Plus, it’s easy to add to your home.

Here are three ways to use task lighting and start feeling better.

1.Find what you need faster

Cupboards can be tricky places to get enough light into, especially if they are deep and painted a dark colour.

LED light strips are an easy way to instantly add lighting to any cupboard, cabinet or shelf. They are long, thin strips of LEDs that are unobtrusive and easy to stick along the sides, backs, bottoms, and even corners of a cupboard. You’ll never have trouble finding your favorite cereal bowl again.

Strip lighting can also be used around hanging art to highlight your favorite pieces or to provide extra light around a mirror for applying makeup or fixing your hair.

LED light strips can be purchased online at Amazon, and Odd Job can quickly install them for you.

2. Brighten up your food prep

Kitchens typically have counter space beneath the cabinetry, but this often means that these surfaces are hidden in the shadows.

Recessed pot lights or puck lights can make your counter-top work spaces significantly more task-friendly, making chopping vegetables or reading recipes a breeze.

Pot lights require a bit more prep and process to install, but they can sit flush into the bottom of your cabinets, providing a sleek and seamless look. Puck lights can simply be attached with glue or double-sided tape, although this may damage the cabinet’s finish.

  1. Love to read?

Do you read in bed? Or maybe you’re real old-school and prefer the couch.

Wall-mounted swing-arm lamps, like the Nymane sold at Ikea, only require a few screws to install and look great anywhere. These lamps are great in the bedroom if you need to wake up before your partner does, but don’t want to stumble around in the dark. Beside a couch they give you all the light you need for the fine print of a newspaper.

So, have a look around your home or office. Where do you need a little extra light? Task lighting allows you to focus more effectively on the task in front of you. You’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed, and your eyes will thank you!

Need help installing your new light fixtures? Odd Job is here to help!