Women’s Services – Social Responsibility Project

Almost half of our clientele are women, many of whom live alone. It’s undeniably harder for a woman living alone to allow a stranger into her home than it is for nearly anyone else, and our clients have often even told us this. The time has come for the handyman services industry to place a greater focus on women’s services.

We would like to make the first step, and this is why we’re offering a free hour of labour to all low-income women who are living alone. 

women's services


Who is eligible for the free hour? Those applying for our women’s services program must fit all of the following criteria:

  • You must live alone.
  • You must be female.
  • Your annual income must be less than $30,000.

This program is one of several parts of our Social Responsibility Project. It’s part of our effort to give back to the community that we owe our existence to.

How to Apply

If you call, e-mail or book online, mention the women’s services program and state your intention to apply for the free hour while describing your project.

The Trust Issue


It’s never easy to allow a stranger to enter your home. Why would we think a visit from us is any less unsettling? Because calling us isn’t “calling a handyman” as much as it’s calling Rogers or Pizza Pizza. We can’t help you with your telecommunications issues or your appetite, but we’re a widely-reputed company.

Our personnel are fully licensed, and every employee has been through background and identity checks. They do not travel in shady trucks, but easily-identifiable vans – ‘mobile workshops’ well-stocked with the tools and materials necessary for every standard project.

They maintain constant contact with our fully-staffed office in Parkdale, who are available between 9 and 5 AM from Monday through Friday to answer all questions or concerns.