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Our Handyman Services

Oddjob Handyman Services: Your Trusted Partner for Home Repairs and Improvements

Oddjob Handyman Services

Caught between a task that’s too big for you, but too small for a general contractor?
It’s time to call Odd Job and put our decades of experience to work!

General Handyman

Time to show that to-do list who’s boss! No job is too big or too small for Odd Job.

handyman services

Small painting jobs can suddenly turn into big projects around your home or business. That’s when you should turn to the fast and efficient painting experts.

handyman services

Let Odd Job’s professional plumbing service technicians quickly and expertly take care of all your plumbing needs.

handyman services

Bookcases, shelves, cabinets, stairs, countertops — if the job involves wood, let it involve us!

Tile Repair handyman services why choose oddjob

Replacing tiling can be a daunting task. Why not let the experts at Odd Job save you time and frustration?

Decks and Fences handyman services

Are the great outdoors not so great lately? Make all those exterior and yard chores just one Odd Job!

Drywall handyman services

When it comes to DIY projects drywall repairs often top the list. Just patch that hole or crack, choose a colour, throw down a drop sheet and put your brush or roller to work.

Tenant turnover handyman services
Tenant Turnover

Tenant turnover often involves repairing the rental unit to get it ready for the new tenant. This can include fixing any damages, painting walls, and deep cleaning the space.

Move in makeover handyman services
Move in Make Over

Move-in make over often involves fixing leaky faucets, repairing drywall, installing shelves, assembling furniture, and much more.

ODDJOB.CA’s service area includes Central and West Toronto

We also serve parts of Mississauga, North York and Etobicoke. See our Handyman coverage map for details.

Odd jobs can pop up when you least expect it

Have recurring repairs, projects or maintenance for your home or office? Our affordable proactive subscription plans eliminate the need for worry or reminders about future needs.

Painting services Handyman Services Decks and fences Subscription Plan

Residential Plans

Let us take care of those important repairs and maintenance tasks before they become major issues.

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Painting services Handyman Services Decks and fences Subscription Plan

Commercial Plans

Focus more on your business and let us worry about office/commercial space repairs and maintenance.

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