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Handyman Services In Toronto It can be tough getting a contractor to come to your door for a “small job”. But it’s big to you! Odd Job Professional Handyman Services can help. Many of the projects we tackle take under 3 weeks from start to finish. Whether you’re looking to paint and hang a collection of photographs on your wall, or changing a light bulb, we can help. Our mobile workshops are made to work anywhere, adjust to tight spaces, and are stocked with a professional handyman and the tools to tackle your projects.

  • Bonded, Fully Licensedhandyman
  • WSIB Covered
  • Convenient Appointments
  • Respond Within 24 hours
  • Fast, Friendly, Reliable
  • Professionally Trained Handymen
  • Trusted by Many Corporate Stores

At Odd Job Handyman Services, we provide top-quality technicians  to complete your home maintenance & home repair services. We tackle minor remodeling projects for homes and businesses, and provide general repair and maintenance services to a variety of clients. You can trust that your Odd Job Handyman is an experienced and professional serviceman with the skills to get the job done right. At Odd Job we take pride in providing quality workmanship, transparent pricing, and great customer service. We want you to feel confident that your home or business is in the right hands.

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If you are ready to book an appointment with Odd Job Professional Handyman Services Toronto, give us a call today at 416-520-1161 or book online.

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