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You usually look for a handyman when something breaks: sometimes you’re just looking for a quick and clean end to a problem door, chipping paint, or leaky faucet.

But did you know that a handyman can also add value to your home or condo? Getting a small update today may be just the thing to score a big payday later, no matter the state of the housing market.


Choose the Practical Over the Flashy

Do you know what the number one way to improve your home’s value is? Replace the insulation. This one job can return more than 108% on its cost, and can benefit your own family for years to come. New insulation will reduce heat loss, stop drafts, and lower your energy bills. You’ll save money while living in your home, and make more money once it’s sold. What a smart thing to do.


You don’t need to replace everything at once, but updating the look of your kitchen or having new appliances installed can go a long way. A minor kitchen remodel can bring about a return of 80% or more, and it’s super easy for a team of professionals.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

New paint is fast, easy, and worth it: painting can return up to 60% on its cost when you decide to sell your home. Plus, a new colour on your walls might just reignite the excitement of coming home.

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